8 Steps to Travel Internationally Like a Pro

Touched down in Amsterdam, checked into our hotel, showered and trying not to fall asleep (just have to make it to 8 pm! lol).  We head to Paris later this week and I can’t wait to take you along!  To kick off the week I am sharing 8 steps to travel internationally like a pro and a sneak peak at what I am wearing this week.  Click to read more!  Also ICYMI I shared How to Pack in a Carry-on for a Two Week Trip last year.

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Travel Guide: What To See in Amsterdam

What to See in Amsterdam | Style blogger Emerson Hannon of Classycleanchic shares Travel Guide: What To See in Amsterdam

With all this travel… finally getting around to recapping all of my trips. First up is Amsterdam! What I wore, where we ate and what we did. ICYMI 8 Steps to Travel Internationally Like a Pro.

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Las Vegas Travel Guide

Do you have a trip to Vegas anytime soon?!  Save the post because I have everything you need for your trip!  What to wear out, to the pool and during the day, where to eat/drink, what shows to see and where to stay!  Click to read more + so outfits that haven’t hit the gram.

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Have a Stress Free Vacation with MLJ Vacay

Family x-mas jammies are on sale for 40% off today!

I love to travel, but don’t always have the time to do a bunch of research before (working full time and blogging) and find the best places to eat and see!  I always get fomo when I get home to see a instagram snap of something AWESOME where I just was but missed it!  I didn’t have to worry about that on our trip to Austin, TX because MLJ Vacay researched and planned the entire thing!  & guess what the entire trip was Mr. Hannon approved…let me tell you that is pretty tough!  Read on to hear about the process, our experience + all of my looks from the trip (P.S. some of them have never been seen!).

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David’s Bridal: Brunch to Ballgowns

I had always thought David’s Bridal was just for bridal gowns, and bridesmaids dresses, but then when I went with my girlie Lauren, to the opening of David’s Bridal in Minneapolis I realized there was so much more!

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Packing in a Carry-on for a Two Week Trip!

As the daughter of a type “A” control freak, expert packer with no time for waiting at the airport (always with a contingency plan B, C and D) I was always required to pack in a carry-on for any of my trips!  And this was before baggage fees.  Trips were not just those summer trips to Hawaii with bikinis, but think of a trip to Paris in the winter for a week and a half, a trip to Australia for 2 weeks, and most recently a trip to London in the winter for 10 days!  Continue reading “Packing in a Carry-on for a Two Week Trip!”