8 Steps to Travel Internationally Like a Pro

Touched down in Amsterdam, checked into our hotel, showered and trying not to fall asleep (just have to make it to 8 pm! lol).  We head to Paris later this week and I can’t wait to take you along!  To kick off the week I am sharing 8 steps to travel internationally like a pro and a sneak peak at what I am wearing this week.  Click to read more!  Also ICYMI I shared How to Pack in a Carry-on for a Two Week Trip last year.

1. Be Prepared: A week or so before my trip I checked my electronics to make sure they will work and find my Universal Travel Adapter.  I checked the cord for my t3 curler to make sure it can accept up to 240V!

2. Check the Weather: this helps me to visualize what the trip will be like!  I love to write it down actually in my planner.

3.. Pick out your looks: I got with 2-3 a day depending on the trip.  3 if it is a trip strictly for work.  I actually write down what I am wearing in my planner too (see the second picture of this blog post).  I end up bringing way less when I do it this way even if I plan for 3 outfits a day!  I try-on new styles to make sure everyone works well together.  Here are two looks I created for this trip:

4. Pack Smart: I roll my clothing to make more space and put small clothing into my purses and shoes.

5. Only bring unique beauty products.  I brought my conditioner because there is a specific kind I like and my hair wouldn’t be the same without it.  I left behind my shampoo because I can use whatever for a week.  I brought my body blur and left my lotion.


6. Bring advil and Sunday Scaries (use code classy10).  In case I get a headache or need a little something to relax.

7. Organize your carry-on.  One of my favorite things for traveling is my tote savvy. Slips right into my Neverfull and has spots for all the cords and drinks I need.  There is even a little cooler!

8. Plane ride prep.  I take my plane sleeping seriously!  Take out my contacts, wear comfy clothes, take off my jewlery, wash my face with a Makeup Remover Wipe, and put on my slippers.

Everything that is in my suitcase:

You are a travel pro now and ready to head to Europe!  Do you have any tips for traveling?  LMK in the comments.

xoxo E


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