Packing in a Carry-on for a Two Week Trip!

As the daughter of a type “A” control freak, expert packer with no time for waiting at the airport (always with a contingency plan B, C and D) I was always required to pack in a carry-on for any of my trips!  And this was before baggage fees.  Trips were not just those summer trips to Hawaii with bikinis, but think of a trip to Paris in the winter for a week and a half, a trip to Australia for 2 weeks, and most recently a trip to London in the winter for 10 days!  I guess my dad isn’t that mean because, hey! he took me on all of those amazing vacays.  THANKS DAD!  So how do I do it?  Here are 10 steps to packing in a carry-on for a fun summer trip (P.S. I’m heading to Palm Springs tomorrow for a bach party so that is what I used for the example!):

1. Pick a color palette!  This helps you to mix and match your outfits!  For London I picked maroon and black.  Palm Springs is colorful, minimal clothing (it’s going to be over 100 EVERY DAY AHH!) So I decided on anything that is NOT WHITE!  You will see some white in my bag…those are for the bride!

2. Pick one PURSE! This step is hard for me.  I pick one purse that will match everything.  If I need two, the rule is that one has to come with me in my hand held bag!

3. Make a list! I write out a daily list that includes the weather, all activities for the day, and then I pick out everything I am going to wear each day.  This really helps me figure out how much…or more like how little, I need to bring!

4. Roll your clothes! This is like the Bible for me…I roll everything!! Even my bikinis.  For bikinis’ I roll the bottoms together and then the tops together.  I also roll my outfits together, I am all about that two birds one stone!  You have your outfits picked out they take up less space.  I put small tops and workout shirts inside my shoes or between two shoes laying flat.

5. Shoes on the bottom! I lay my shoes flat and facing each other on the bottom of my suitcase, this way they take up the least amount of room.  See below example!

6. Layer, Layer Layer!  Clothes smoosh!  I can get a lot into a little space and make sure no small space is unaccounted for.

7. Leave space for a make up and jewelry bag!  Like things together makes my bag more organized and gives me more space!  With my jewelry I pick a couple of pieces that will match everything.  This trip GOLD HOOPS!

8. Who are you traveling with? When I travel with my family we all chat to see who is bringing the straightener, the hair dryer…or will there be one there.  We chat about contact solution, face cleaner, lotion, and shampoo.  If I am traveling to see a friend I ask if they want to borrow clothes?!  Shout out to the bride who let me wear all of her clothes last time I was there!

9. Ship new clothes! This one was by accident this time because my order from Revolve wasn’t going to make it on time lol.  But hey!  I got to bring less items!

10. If all else fails, get a Delta Sky Miles Credit Card! I have the platinum card which gives me free checked bags if I don’t want to worry about packing light!

I am all ready for Palm Springs! Comment your tips for traveling light!

P.S. Sitting on my bag to get is a MUST to get it closed!

xoxo E


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