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I love to travel, but don’t always have the time to do a bunch of research before (working full time and blogging) and find the best places to eat and see!  I always get fomo when I get home to see a instagram snap of something AWESOME where I just was but missed it!  I didn’t have to worry about that on our trip to Austin, TX because MLJ Vacay researched and planned the entire thing!  & guess what the entire trip was Mr. Hannon approved…let me tell you that is pretty tough!  Read on to hear about the process, our experience + all of my looks from the trip (P.S. some of them have never been seen!).

 The Process

You first pick what package you would like: day explorer packages, 2-4 day trips or even a week long trip.  You code classy50 to get $50 off itineraries of $250 or more!  We went with the 4 day itinerary because I know I would be shopping Black Friday for the last days.  From there you fill out a page MLJ Vacay questionnaire, which basically asks for the dates of your trip, location, budget, dynamic of the group and you select a couple of multiple choice answers.  Like what type of activities you like…I clearly pick extreme hiking.  Jokes.  MLJ Vacay will send you a couple of options for your hotel/home for the week.  We went with the gorgeous airbnb atx (see a full tour below).

Mention me, classycleanchic & get $100 off a three night stay or $250 off a 6 night stay! From there MLJ Vacay sends you a full itinerary and you are set.  Here is a snip-it itinerary from one of our days:

MLJ vacay.JPG

Our Experience

Everything on the itinerary was on point & we had such an amazing time with MLJ Vacay. Here is a detail of our amazing 4 day itinerary:

Day 1: Travel Day + Pizza Dinner

Perfect easy pizza spot for relaxing after a day of traveling!  The pizza was interesting and delish!

Day 2: Basic Betch Day – Brunch, Murals and Shopping!

I mean just take a look at that latte!  Perfect brunch spot.

I told you MLJ Vacay knows all of the hot spots!  These are just a few of the murals she had listed for us!

Sweater change with my sister for more pictures at another shopping + mural location.  I was in heaven!

Stopped for some Vietnamese…it was so good I forgot to take a pic before we ate!

Upscaled Tex-Mex for dinner calls for a glitter bodysuit!  Outfit change 3.

Capped off the night with some live music at an Austin Staple.  Such a fun experience and a different crowd!  I love doing a few local activity during my trips!

Day 3: Battle of the Sexes

The guys went for a round of golf while the girls went to a SPA DAY!  I got a pedi & an amazing massage.  MLJ Vacay spa pick was perfect, amazing upscale service which is what I love on a vacation!

Met back up with the guys for lunch + a free unique gallery experience.

Went back home and changed into this holiday blouse for a farm-to-table spot leaving us stuffed & happy!

Day 4: Eating and More Shopping

Stopped at a few places to get some delicious Austin snacks.  The malt vinegar fries were AMAZING!  Great pick.

Stopped in for a quick try-on haul because SALES!  Wearing this little tunic as a dress in a size XL.  Stayed in this night and relaxed with the family to gear up for Turkey day & the final two days of our trip.

If you are starting to plan another trip I highly recommend working with MLJ Vacay.  I mean don’t you want a stress-free trip with non of the work while having an amazing time and hitting all of the hot spots?!  I know I do!

I will be answering questions in the comments!

**Thank you MLJ Vacay for sponsoring today’s post. As always, all opinions are my own.**

xoxo E

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