How I lost 15 lbs in 2 Months

Y’all notice everything! In January I got serious about losing weight and some of you noticed the changes before I even did. While my weight loss journey is not complete I am going to share how I lost 15 lbs in less then 2 months! Sharing my weight loss story, progress pictures, what I ate (some of my favorite recipes), my workout routine, and why I decided to start losing weight (again)!

15 Ibs in 2 Months | Style blogger Emerson Hannon of Classycleanchic shares How I lost 15 Ibs in 2 Months

My story:

My story started in 2010, after my freshmen year in college, I gained the freshmen 15 and then some. I weighed close to 160 lbs on my worst day which is a lot for my 5″3′ frame. During college I would go home for summer, workout like crazy (6-7 days a week) and eat pretty much nothing ~800 calories a day and go back to school and drink + party. See why I stopped drinking here.

15 Ibs in 2 Months | Style blogger Emerson Hannon of Classycleanchic shares How I lost 15 lbs in 2 Months

I developed an unhealthy relationship with food and weighed myself ALL THE TIME… like 6 times a day. At my lowest in college I weighed 113 lbs n(right). In February of 2018 I decided to stop weighing myself all together. I learned how to eat when I was hungry and stop when I was full. Only problem was the things I was eating were unhealthy… I really like SUGAR. I was back up to 150 lbs in 2019. In January of 2020 I quit my engineering job to pursue blogging full time. Read more here. I finally had time to focus on me and what makes me happy. Down 5 lbs and in February of 2020 my ex and I of 2.5 years broke up. I moved into my own apt and 10 additional lbs came off (keep reading for what I ate + my workouts). Weigh in today was 134 lbs.

15 Ibs in 2 Months | Style blogger Emerson Hannon of Classycleanchic shares How I lost 15 Ibs in 2 Months

3 things I learned about myself:

  1. I can do anything if I put my mind to it.
  2. Being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. (thanks mom!)
  3. When I am happy in my life I don’t over eat and losing weight is easy!
15 Ibs in 2 Months | Style blogger Emerson Hannon of Classycleanchic shares How I lost 15 Ibs in 2 Months
Italian Pasta Salad from Dashing Dish

15 Ibs in 2 Months | Style blogger Emerson Hannon of Classycleanchic shares How I lost 15 Ibs in 2 Months
Pepperoni Pizza Zoodles from Dashing Dish

What I ate:

80% of abs are made in the kitchen! My diet was intermittent fasting (eating only from noon to 8 pm) + limiting carbs and NO SUGAR. I stopped counting calories because it makes me too obsessive with how much I am eating. I don’t care for meat (texture thing!) so most of what I eat is vegetarian. Another tip is to drink lots of water because it keeps you full. Love to add in some cucumber or lime. Here is what a typical day looks like for me. Note that I am NOT a dietitian & this is what has worked for me.

  • 8 am wake up
  • 10 am apple cider vinegar shot (I know gross… but it works!) + water
  • 11 am 305 dance fitness workout + water
  • 12 pm breakfast – click here to see my 3 go to breakfasts
  • 3 pm snack time (pick one) – smart sweets (love these because of all of the fiber they have), quest bar or small bowl of mozzarella balls because I LOVE CHEESE + water
  • 6 pm dinner – something from dashing dish and I try to get in a lot of veggies here and no carbs! Helps me feel full! + water
  • 8 pm – some nights I have an extra snack. Popcorn, smart sweets, or carrots.
15 Ibs in 2 Months | Style blogger Emerson Hannon of Classycleanchic shares How I lost 15 Ibs in 2 Months

Along with my diet I have been taking supplements that have been helping me along the way. I have been taking the Modere Trim and Liquid Collagen for almost a year now and have noticed a big difference in my waist stomach and arms. It also helps me feel less hungry throughout the day. You can get $10 off using my code 8313215.

My workout:

I have been loving 305 dance fitness! During the quarantine 305 has been offering free live workouts @ 11 am cst on YouTube! Tune in with me tomorrow. I have been getting in 5 workouts a week. I “normally” take my 305 classes 4 days a week over at Straightline Dance Fitness.

15 Ibs in 2 Months | Style blogger Emerson Hannon of Classycleanchic shares How I lost 15 Ibs in 2 Months

More progress pics!

15 Ibs in 2 Months | Style blogger Emerson Hannon of Classycleanchic shares How I lost 15 Ibs in 2 Months

Can’t wait to continue to share my journey with you! Any questions, put them in the comments and I will be answering!

xoxo E

95 thoughts on “How I lost 15 lbs in 2 Months

  1. Okay I’m obsessed with this! I’m inspired to try 305 and really focus in on my portions during this quarantine. I can’t wait to feel better in my skin!

    1. I didn’t want to be rude and say anything about your weight loss but I definitely noticed it! You go girl! Super inspiring! You look amazing! ❤️

    2. I was in a car accident and limited in what I can do. I’m on sleeping pills that made me gain 30lbs. I’m down 5lbs and determined to lose the rest. Any tips on how to lose the rest? I’m doing protien shakes and miss food.

      1. Hi Melinda,
        Thanks so much for the comment! Lots of veggies and fruits are always a great idea! I limit my carbs also!

      1. I should prob know this but how does it help with weight loss!? You are gorgeous before and now!!!💕💕

      2. Taking a shot of vinegar alone is an acidic blast that can harm the enamel of your teeth and even damage your esophagus and lungs. Dilute it with water first😊

  2. Look at you go! Super inspiring. I’m going to have to follow your steps after I give birth this summer!

    1. You look amazing, thanks for sharing. Is it safe\good to eat less than 1200-1300 calories per day?

      1. Thanks so much love! I don’t count calories! I just try to eat healthy and eat a snack when I am hungry! I am also not a dietitian and simply sharing what worked for me!

  3. Thank you so much, Emerson, for sharing this with us all. You are so inspiring. Do you think I can substitute acv gummies to give me same effect of the liquid version?

  4. Did you ever get cravings? I love sweets myself too, so I know it will be super hard.

  5. Emerson, you are PERFECT in every photo on this post! You’re so beautiful and inspiring. You’re changing my life!! Thank you

  6. Do you not drink any caffeine? I love this! But I’m questioning where I can get my coffee in.. any tips?

    1. You can have coffee whenever! In the morning! I don’t drink coffee it has too much caffeine in it. My I have sparkling bai with a little caffeine.

  7. Hey girl!!! Did you eat any other snacks in between the meals you listed?
    Did you pretty much stick to that or did u make any meals other than the dinning dash ?

    1. You can for sure eat other snacks! For me it’s just easier to stick to the same thing I like! Skinny taste is another great place for recipes and I love paleo omg!

  8. Love, love love this! I’ve gained some undesired weight in the last few months. Will be trying a variation of your schedule for myself. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  9. Just started following you. Love your instagram page and obsessed with your blog. Thanks for sharing your life! You look beautiful!

  10. Do you fast 7 days a week? (I know some people mix it up) What does the apple cider vinegar do for you? You look amazing!

  11. Wow, you look amazing. I let myself go and gained 30 pounds when I got into a relationship 2 years ago. All I do is eat out with my boyfriend. Starting tomorrow I’m getting back on track and following your tips!

    1. Thanks for the tips! Great motivation to get back to healthy eating! Did you have any cheat meals during the 2 months?

      1. I did for sure! Just made sure it was one meal and back on track the next day. I also try to have small treats more frequently vs. just one big treat meal.

    1. thanks so much love 💕✨🤍 I honestly have no idea! I don’t count calories anymore. It got me to be too obsessive so I just don’t anymore.

  12. You are so inspiring! I also quit drinking years ago and I was happy with my body until this quarantine—I have a high stress job so I normally don’t have time to eat during the workday but now….I’m def going to take some of your tips!

    1. Way to be love. I love my sober friends!! & yes we are all in this quarantine together!!

  13. How did you start IF? It’s got to be hard to not eat until noon. Did you work up to it or just suffer until your body adjusted?

    1. Kept moving my breakfast time back! I just work a lot in the morning so that keeps me busy!

  14. You looked good before and even healthier and happier now! Congrats! I’m 5’4 and can totally relate, right now I’m down from 144 to 140 working on keeping going in the right direction!

  15. Hey love! Super proud of you for making these positive changes! You look amazing! I’ve tried apple cider vinegar but putting a table spoon into a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon or lime (I didn’t do it consistently so I didn’t see changes). Do you think that the shot is more effective than mixing it? Maybe I’ll try taking a shot of it tomorrow morning 😂

    1. I honestly am not sure if the shot or mixing is anymore helpful. But I think taking it on an empty stomach is the most important! I think you have to do diet + shot to see results!

  16. Seriously love your page so much! Can you start posting how you make your overnight oats and how to use PB2?! I’d love to see some cooking videos on your page!

  17. Thank you for inspiring me. What I love about you sharing this is that it is real! You aren’t trying to make a buck. I’m going to do this! Please keep posting and inspiring women! ❤️

    1. Nope! That is all I do. But the class has toning as part of it! And sometimes weights!

      1. Hello wanted to say you look great! Where do you get your food ideas from? Love following you thanks for sharing your weight loss journey with us. Thanks for being an inspiration to us as well 🥰

      2. thank you love 🤍 you are a doll ✨ did you see my blog post for my breakfasts?!

  18. Okay. Okay. — I think I saw it before you did ! But today I’m like 😳 wow blown away! & I can do this . I’m sitting here everyday (now) with plenty of time , I need to use this time for myself ! – I can do this!!!
    You look so GOOD !!

  19. You look amazing!! Good for you! & even better that you stuck to this during this quarantine! Freaking awesome

  20. I already told you but I’ll say it again…you look Amazing! I was one of the ones who noticed it right away, you were always Beautiful,but I could tell you were happier….and felt more confident! Adore you!

  21. I started reading your blog one month ago.. and love all your input. I swear… I have been trying to loose weight since I had my kid 7 years ago, I do loose weight but gain it and loose it all the time. Right now I am up some pounds again! Reading through your struggle is def motivation! Keep it up! Would love to see the recipes
    – Juana

    1. Thanks for reading love. You can do it! I just shared a breakfast recipe blog post!

  22. First off congrats on losing weight! It’s definitely not an easy thing! Also for workouts is dance the only thing you do? Do you count steps or use any health apps?

    1. Thanks so much love. I have just been doing the 305 classes! I don’t count steps either. It’s a lot more about diet!

  23. This is amazing! You look so great! 🙂 I’m on a weight loss journey as well and it feels so good to see your hard work paying off! I did want to mention, I drink ACV each day as well and used to do it in shot form, but choked on it once and couldn’t breathe for almost 2 mins (SCARY!)

    1. Hi Nisha! This is Safe & Fair Popcorn! Its not necessarily healthy but is great in moderation! Use code Emerson for a discount!

  24. That doesn’t seem like much…you can slow your metabolism if you don’t eat enough…i have potatoes for breakfast, protein shake at noon with a vege/fruit smoothie, meat/chicken/fish and a vege for lunch, a salad with a pear and some smoke slamon for dinner and olive oil based dressings and if i workout ill have a bean taco or something. I am loosing weight5’3” and at 140 right now with 40ibs of fat on me. I do think you look more like 130 or less though. I also sometimes have a cheeseburger or french toast once a week. I walk and do weight training 3/week.

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