How to Plan a Jammin’ Bachelorette Weekend!

What better way to recap my amazing Bachlorette weekend in Palm Springs then to give you all my top 10 tips to plan a successful bach party?!  Hope you are all ready to PARRRRTAYYYYY!

1. Goodies for the Bride!  After all, it is HER day!  I always want to make sure there are extra gifts & goodies for the bride!

2. Grocery Shop!  This saves so much money!  There is no need to go out to brunch every day.  Everyone just wants to drink champs + get a tan!

3. Floaties!  This is a MUST!  I mean…do it for the instagram photo! 

4. Theme Days! I love to dress up and its fun to go out an be matching.  My favorite theme was all girls in bold colors and the bride in white!  Other themes I love are the bride in gold and the girls in black.

Here is us on our gold & black night (special edition of instagram vs. reality):



5. Matching Shirts! My fav is the Nacho Average Bride 👰🏽  Plus it gives me the right to be EXTRA…I mean you can do whatever if you are in a costume!

Here is the group in our matching shirts:

6. Rent a house with a Pool!  So much cheaper and everyone loves to snuggle.  It is a great way to bond. Especially when there are 9 girls & only 2 bathrooms!  Good thing no one was shy! 

This is the $$ shot…my phone went swimming 0.2 seconds later.  Lesson of the trip… the iPhone X is NOT water proof!

7. Games! He said she said, we had the groom answer a bunch of questions on video and then the bride had to answer them.  It was so fun seeing which ones were right!  Another game I love is to have each girl bring some sort of langiere, the bride has to guess who got it for them.  If you want extra fun, make the bride try them on and take Polaroids!

8. Decorations! It is so much more fun when the house is decorated, and you don’t always have to think penis’.  Cinco de Mayo is perfect for a mexican fiesta!  But don’t be fooled the pretend penis is always a fan fav…. sorry not sorry!

9. Advice for the Bride! I did this at the last dinner and everyone started to cry!  It’s a great way to say something nice to the bride and tell her how much you care before everyone gets too SLOPPY!

10. Pens! To write your names on your drink cups… making sure no one steals my drank!  I found these adorable ring floaties you can get your name on!  I mean how cutie?

Here are all the supplies you need for a PERFECT bachelorette weekend!

ICYMI here are my fav outfits from the weekend:

xoxo E

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