BOSS BABE: How I Get the Most Out of My Day!

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Engineering 8-5, working-out twice a day & running my fashion, fitness & lifestyle blog can get pretty hectic. Here are 10 things I do to be a BOSS BABE and get the most out of the short 24 hours we all have in a day!1. Work while you work out! Every morning I go to the gym to walk on the treadmill & I catch up on emails and scroll through Instagram. I mean WHY would you look at your feed in bed when you could be burning calories?!

2. Meal & grocery delivery services! As most of you know I use Hello Fresh!  I don’t have to spend time thinking about what I want to make or go to the grocery store to get the food for the meals! (use code RYAMEEH for $40 off your first week!)  I use Instcart as well which is a service that delivers your groceries to you. Can you say TIME SAVER?!  Here is $10 worth of free groceries.

3. Get smart while you drive! I listen to podcasts & books on tape while I drive to work. I even listen when I walk in the morning. Can you say three birds with one stone? Calories, brains & checking off the insta feed! My favorite books for getting smart are The 7 Habits oh Highly Effective People & The Charisma Myth. For podcasts I love Freakonomics, With Friends Like These & Fohr Cast.

4. Turn off email notifications on your computer!  Every time an email pops up I used to go to my email, check it, may reply, go back to what I was doing and most likely I would have to restart, reread or back-step what I were doing.  I periodically check my emails every half hour or hour. Unless you are a surgeon you don’t have a job that needs your reply within minutes. I work at a manufacturing plant, if someone needs me that bad they can come to my desk!!

5. Actively listen!  During meetings, in conversations, talking to your friends even.  Practice active listening, that means I am not on my phone or thinking about what I am going to say next!  If I actively listen now, I won’t have to go back and ask questions or make someone re-explain something to me.  Plus that makes me look unintelligent.  So I choose to be smart and listen!

6. Email or file!  When I read an email I use the 2 minute rule If the task can be completed within two minutes I do it now, if not I file it for later.  I don’t waste time re-reading emails 100 times and yes my inbox is always empty 🙂

7. Stop multi tasking! No one is good at it so I stopped trying to be.

8. Create a to do list with due dates and times! I create a checklist at the start of each week and add to it as the week goes on.  I use the same one for work and personal because let’s be honest a lot of times we are doing work at home and home at work!  Add due dates and the time it will take to do that task.  If I am extra stressed out I will even create a little schedule with times for myself for the day.

9. Take breaks to do personal business!  I go on a quick walk after lunch (I eat at my desk most of the time – I know sad) I might do some online shopping or I’ll spend a few minute catching up on the blog.  It helps me to decompress & get recharged.  Then when I get back to work I can GET OFF MY PHONE.

10. Shower Sex! Again two birds.

BONUS: I have an amazing boyfriend who makes me dinner 🙂  I do clean up….most of the time!

I would love to hear your favorite tips!  Comment your favs.  I am always looking for ways to be more of a BOSS BABE!

xoxo E

Cuffed Sleeve Sweater sponsored by Chicory Lane Boutique. Use code CLASSYCLEANCHIC15 for 15% your entire purchase.

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    1. Bahaha yes. Ryan thought of it as a joke and my mom thought it was funny so I left it in!! 😂😂

  1. Loved this girl!! Shower sex! Yes haha! I take the express bus to and from work so I reply to emails or listen to podcasts during that time. Instafeed and respond to comments while I eat lunch.

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