Spill the Tea Q & A

Spill the Tea Q & A | Style blogger Emerson Hannon of Classycleanchic shares Spill the Tea Q & A
Spill the Tea Q & A | Style blogger Emerson Hannon of Classycleanchic shares Spill the Tea Q & A

I did a Q & A on my Instagram stories a few weeks ago and it was a huge hit! I thought it would be best to compile all of those questions and my answers in one easy spot for everyone to see. I separated the questions into a bunch of categories so I hope that helps you get your questions answered easily. It might be good idea to start reading my  about me blog post to learn a little more about my background. I also have another Q & A that I did over a year and a half ago that have some great questions also. I will link that here! If there is a question you don’t see here and you want answered do not hesitate to reach out by leaving a comment, sending me a DM or an email at classycleanchic@gmail.com.


How much total weight have you lost?

I am down 20 pounds since January. I fluxuate around 130 pounds

What are your workouts?

Normally I workout 5-6 days a week. I use @305fitness & @straightlinefitness 1-2 days. I do @obe_fitness cardio dance 1-2 days. Some days I just go on 45 min walk.

Do you wash your hair after every workout?

Nope, I wash my hair every 3 days. I really don’t like dry shampoo so this is what works best for me.

How do you motivate yourself?

I try to make it part of my routine/schedule for the day, that way its not an option. Think “when/how should i work out today” not “do I want to do a workout”. Some other workout motivation tips are to do something easy like a walk. Or even go up and down the stairs 5 times. Morning workouts help me since its the first thing I do when I wake up. Also, signing up for a class is great because then you have a set time. You can also set up a session with a friend!

Do you have cheat days?

I really try not to think of them as “cheat days/meals” because then I will get back into my binge eating college days. If i want to have some mac and cheese I’ll have some, but stop when I am full. When I was in college I limited food groups and 100% of the time I ended up binge eating when I would have 1 treat and try and make up for it the next day by eating nothing.

How many calories a day do you eat?

I don’t count calories. It hasn’t worked well for me in the past. It caused me to be restrictive to the point I was only eating 800 calories or less. I got down to 113 which was way to small for me.

What was the initial change you did to lose weight so quickly?

It didn’t feel that quick to me! 2020 has been a year of change for me and I started focusing on me and what I want. I became a full time blogger and quit my engineering job in January. I ended a 2.5 year relationship in February and moved into my own apartment in March. Then quarantine hit. There was lots of changes.

Do you have a goal weight you want to stay at?

125, but I am good with where I am at around 130!

Do you think nutrition helps more to lose weight or fitness?

I am firm believer that abs are made in the kitchen! I rarely do crunches but the abs just came out of hiding with my healthy eating!

Any tips for losing the muffin top?

DIET, DIET, DIET! What you eat is 80% of it. I did intermittent fasting (only eat from 12-8pm). Fill up on veggies and eggs and fruit. Then get moving. Daily morning walks are amazing to get everything going.

Do you ever feel hungry?

YES! When I feel hungry (not at my normal eating times) I ask if I’m just bored. I will clean up something instead. Am I maybe thirsty? I will have a glass of lemon water. Still hungry? SNACK TIME!

Healthy lunches and dinners?

I love Dashing Dish. She has lots of my favorites for lunches and dinners.

Do you have a good relationship with food now?

Hard to define “good”. What I can say is that I have a MUCH BETTER relationship with food. I eat when I am hungry, stop when I am full. Seems silly saying that but it can be hard. I don’t just eat because it’s time to eat. I really try to listen to my body and every day is different. Also if i want some chips and queso one day I’ll have it and then have a salad the next day.

What’s your healthy Starbuck’s drink?

My go to drink is a venti passion tango iced tea, light ice, no water, only one pump of sugar + 3 Splenda.

What are the juices in the skinny cans you always drink?

Bai Bubbles in Bolivia Black Cherry. I am addicted to these so good thing they are only 5 calories!


How has dating during COVID been?

GREAT! Everyone is on hinge because there is no other way to date. Since I wouldn’t go out to the bars corona or no corona it’s been great for me! I have been loving my quarantine dates: Facetimes and walks to get ice cream.

Any special guy yet?

Still looking! I haven’t found anyone who checks all of the boxes yet… or even most of them!

Why did you end your relationship?

We realized we had grown apart and the lives we both wanted to live weren’t the same anymore. We were trying to make the other person happy but realized the things that made me happy made him unhappy. I also want to have kids and that was something he wasn’t sure about.

Do you ever get to see Koda?

I do miss little Kodaroo but it’s for the best. I have seen him a few times in the building.

What kind of dog was Koda?

He is a Pomklee. Alaskian klee kai + pomeranian!

Do you ever want kids?

10000% YES! I love kids, I used to teach kids gymnastics in Kalamazoo and loved it. I also babysat a few families all throughout college.

Do you ever feel your “internal clock” ticking when it comes to babies and family?

100% yes! I’m 29 and most girls my age have 4 kids by now. Not to mention my younger sister got engaged in March. But everyone’s path is different. It can be hard not to compare but at the end of the day I am so happy where I am and so proud of myself. I couldn’t ever have DREAMED I would be where I am today 5 years ago. So we will see where I am in another 5.

I just got out of a 5 year relationship. How did you get back into dating?

Downloaded the hinge app one night and that was it. My assistant Jenna will tell you I was a nervous wreck before my first few dates because I’m CRAZY and I hadn’t really ever dated. But you get more comfortable. You are just learning about a new person. I also think this is the longest I have ever been single.

Any tips for getting over a breakup? Heartbreak sucks!

I’m so sorry! Yes, it does suck! It for sure takes time! I would say focus on you and thing that make you happy. For me that was working out, lighting candles, doing try on hauls, and watching Real Housewives. Make sure to cut off all ties, continuing to talk to an ex only prolongs the healing process. Know that each day will get a little better.

First date tips?

Have your 3 top qualities you are looking for and ask questions to find out if those align. Things like “is he driven” not “is he over 6 ft”. Be in the moment and just try to see if you are having fun/enjoying spending time with this person. Also wear something you feel comfortable in.

Best serious dating app?

Hinge has been my favorite! Met a lot of great guys just not Mr. Right.

What do you look for in a dating partner?

Someone who is driven. I am going places in life and I want someone who has goals/aspirations both personally and professionally. I want someone who is going to push me to be the best me. I will also push him to be his best. A few more on my list are funny, confidence, wants to be a dad. I have a full note on my phone.

Best dating advice for a single girl out there.

If he likes you he will make the time to see you/ask you out. Don’t be afraid to write down a list of what you want (I literally have a note). There is always another bus around the corner. Have a friend/mom/sister you can talk through the date with after. A lot of times I was like that was ok and then when I am talking it through I realize I just had a fun time laughing at my own jokes.

How did you adjust to living alone?

I honestly love living alone. I love that I can do whatever I want when I want. I can leave things out if I want and decorate how I want. I used to play music a lot but now I’m at peace with the silence, it’s kind of nice! Check out my blog post I wrote about living alone!

Why did you decide on moving to MSP? How do you summon the courage to move to a new city?

I moved to Minneapolis to take a job at Medtronic as a quality engineer and supervisor. I quit in January to take on blogging full time. I have moved knowing no one three times now. The other two was in college when I went to Villanova, then Kalamazoo to work at Stryker. Just do it! There is nothing to lose and you can always move back.

I love your apartment! Do you love living in the city?

I love living downtown. I love the view, my building is amazing and I have met so many friends here. I also love how close I am to good restaurants.

Advice for moving to a brand new city and meeting people?

I struggle with this one too! Try to get involved in things you like to do & meet friends there. I joined Minneapolis Bloggers and met my friends Lauren, Taylor, and Andrea. I also have friends through my workout studio. Living in an apartment complex helps too! I have met lots of friends at the pool this summer.

Do you have family near where you live?

Nope! I just got home from a trip in Denver to see my parents and grandma!

Do you miss being in a relationship?

Yes and no. Do I wish I had a partner to share my life with right now, yes. Do I miss the relationship I had, no. I am really liking having a relationship with myself and I’ll just continue this one until someone presents me with something that is better.

Has your ex tried to win you back?

Nope. lol. We will both be happier with someone who isn’t each other. When you break up because you want different things, there isn’t really any “winning back”. It would have to be like “I have changed myself and what I want in life.”

Are you afraid of dates judging what you do for a living? How do you explain it?

Not afraid, but they do. I had a guy I was supposed to go on a date with look me up on Instagram and then immediately unmatch with me on hinge (basically means I had no way to contact him). It’s a bit unconventional and it’s not for everyone so I don’t blame anyone if it’s not for them. It can come off as materialistic to some guys if they don’t take the time to understand.


Why did you quit alcohol?

It is better for everyone if I don’t drink. I have two speeds: sober and blacked out. I didn’t like the person I was when I drank. I have been sober for over three years now. Check out more about my sober life in my blog post on Why I Stopped Drinking & my Life As a Sober Sally Q & A!

Do you find it hard to date when sober?

If they don’t get it then they aren’t for you! I can honestly tell alot about a guy from how he reacts when I say that I don’t drink. The right guy will be supportive/impressed with your decision. It also helps where you are looking. I don’t look for guys out at the bars (probably because I don’t go out, even pre-Covid).

How did/do you have the willpower to be sober?

It for sure takes time. But I didn’t feel like I really had an option, drinking wasn’t doing me any favors so I stopped in March of 2017. I was talking to my mom recently about how it’s a lot easier for me now to be around other people drinking. Which I think comes with time. If someone asks me “Oh why don’t you drink one?!” or “are you not having any fun being sober?!” I think it’s kind of funny. Like I am going to have more fun than you and then go on a run tomorrow morning at 8 am! Most people are super supportive though!

Do you every go out even though you don’t drink?

I don’t go out anymore. Not because it’s hard and I think I am going to drink but because the bars aren’t really fun sober. I am looking for someone who is done with the bar phase in their life.


How long after starting your blog did you quit your day job?

I started my blog the week of March 25, 2018. I already had 10k followers on Instagram when I started. I went full time blogging on January 23, 2020.

How did you first get into blogging? Is there an age limit?

My mom @emptyneststyle got me into blogging. No, you are never too old! My mom has since stop posting but she started when she was 51.

Tips for new bloggers?

Be yourself because no one else can and that makes you unique. Be consistent with posting. Seek feedback from your followers!

How’d you overcome what others would think about you starting a blog?

Your real friends will be supportive and the other ones weren’t your friends from the start.

I want to start blogging but I am scared I’m not pretty enough to get followers. Advice?

Number a- you are pretty enough. We all start somewhere! You just have to start. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

What’s a negative side of being a blogger?

I honestly really love it! I never thought I could have a job I love so much and not feel like I’m even working. BUTTTT… one hard thing is not taking the negative things people say personally or let it get to you. I have pretty thick skin but these past few months have really tested me. Most of you are super sweet but the one or two mean notes are the ones you remember!

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

ALL OF YOU! I know it sound cheesy but it’s the best part. Hearing how you loved something I shared, or getting pictures of you in something I shared is the best! I also love that I can encourage all of you to be the best boss babes ever! I love getting notes about what you have learned from me or how you have grown!

Do you pay for all your clothes or do you get a lot of free stuff for sponsorships?

BOTH! I pay for some things and brands will also send me clothes to share with all of you. I always pick out what I am sharing even if it is gifted (free). I would never share anything with you I wouldn’t wear or don’t love.

How do bloggers make money?

I make money two ways. Brands pay me to do sponsored stories or posts. I also make money by you all shopping my links on the LIKEtoKNOW.it app. I earn a small amount of commission if you click through any of my links on instagram or on my blog. You will still pay the same. This is why I appreciate you all so much!

Can you see who shops your links?

Nope! I wish we could. We can only see what was bought, how many and how much the commission was.

Tips on seeking out sponsorships or paid partnerships on instagram?

When I first started I reached out to a TON of brands. Reach out to brands that are similar size to you so it’s mutually beneficial.

Who takes your photos?

My assistant Jenna!

How do you take your photos? And Camera? And what do you use to edit your photos?

I use my iPhone 11 Pro and my own Classy Bronze Preset!

What does your assistant do?

She does a lot. She takes my pictures, writes blog posts, helps with DM’s and emails, creates sale graphics and posts them to LTK, she helps with Pinterest, she runs my shop page on Instagram, and whatever else I need help with during the day. We will be adding more of this to the weekly vlogs on Youtube!

Any tips on finding what you’re passionate about, your calling or what career to choose?

Make a note for yourself and write down things you like about your day/job and things you don’t like. Like I wrote a bunch of emails and I loved that or I had a ton of meetings today and I hated that. This is great for figuring out what you want your next job to be and what types of things you like to do.

Did blogging become more lucrative than engineering or just needed the change?

YES! In 2019 I made more blogging than my engineering job. That’s what helped me make the decision to go full time blogging! Not to mention it was wear my passion lied.

What type of engineer were you?

School: At Villanova I got my electrical engineering undergrad and masters degree.

Work: I was a senior quality engineer and supervisor at Medtronic for 3 years. We made mechanical heart valves. I also worked at Stryker in Kalamazoo for 2.5 years before that as a post market quality engineer.

What got you interested in engineering?

My dad was an electrical engineer! I always loved math and science so that’s why I picked it. My sister Bailey is an engineer too! They both have their PhDs though, I only have my masters!

Do you ever miss your corporate job? Any regrets?

NONE! Not even for one minute. I love being my own boss, being in control of my schedule and the flexibility this job has!

Would you ever do engineering job part time?

Short answer is no. I can barely keep up with the workload of blogging and have so much more I want to do that I can’t even get to. While I loved engineering I love fashion and all of you SO MUCH MORE.

What is the biggest lesson from transitioning from college to “real world”?

Reread emails before hitting send. Take any opportunity to network (happy hours ect always go!). Find a mentor!

Best advice someone has given you?

“Worry about yourself, it’s a life long job!” My parents said this to me all the time growing up. Honestly this one can be hard at times, especially in this job. When I started to compare and I just say this little line to myself. At the end of the day we only have control over ourselves: what we thing, say and feel. As much as I want to think I can change people… it doesn’t work that way.


Do you use false lashes or just great mascara/genes?

I get them done by Song at SBGlam studios! Check out my blog post here on my lashes!

Can you show how you do your makeup?

Here is a 5 min makeup tutorial!

MPLS hairstylist recommendation?

I go to Karen in Minneapolis. Check out my blog post here!

Do you use purple shampoo for your hair?

I actually don’t. Karen my hairstylist does a good tone on me when I get my hair done.

What do you use for your brows?

My brows are ombre shaded so I don’t use anything. I go to @brows.by.liza Mention me for a discount.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Minneapolis?

Spoon and Stable!


Did you play other sports besides cheering at Villanova?

I tried basketball in first grade and the boys wouldn’t pass to me so I quit. I also played soccer for a few years but you aren’t very good if you are afraid of the ball!

How old are you?

I am 29. I’ll be 30 on December 13th! Taylor Swift and I are birthday sisters.

How do you feel about flying during Covid?

I have felt pretty safe. I was wearing my mask, washing my hands frequently and there is no one in the middle seats. It’s also so much less busy. I went through security with zero other people. Last time I saw that was in Kalamazoo.

What is your favorite color?


How tall are you and what sizes do you typically wear?

I am 5’3.5″ and 130 pounds. I wear size XS or S, but also size up to a medium in a lot of things because I like things oversized. In jeans i wear a 26/27 and 2/4.

xoxo, E

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