Why I Love My Lash Extensions

It takes me 5 minutes to do my make-up now that I have my lashes from S & B Glam Studio!  Save time on lashes & I don’t need to do my eye liner anymore.  If you babes are in Minneapolis you have to see Song + you can get $30 off your first full set when you mention me.  I have gotten a lot of questions since I starting getting my lashes about 6 months ago & thought I would create a blog post to answer the most frequently asked ones!  Read more to find out more.

What are eye lash extensions? and how are they applied?

Semi-permanent lashes that are applied by a technician (I go to Song from S & B Glam Studio) who hand-glues synthetic lashes ontop of your natural lash.  Here is a video of Song putting mine on!

What type of set should I get?

I have had all three types of Song’s lashes.  My favorite are the volume set because I am extra like that.


Volume set synthetic single lashes fused together in a fan onto one natural lash.  This makes it look like you have more lashes then you actually do!


Hybrid Set a mix of volume & classic lash extensions.


Classic set single synthetic lashes fused to each of your individual real eye lashes.  Perfect if you are looking for the most natural set.

Do lash extensions ruin your natural lashes?

Lash extensions do not ruin your natural lashes as long as you take care of them.  Your natural lashes shed every 6-8 weeks and the same happens when you have lash extensions!  Rubbing your eyes can break the lashes but this is the case with your lash extensions too.

How do you clean your lashes?

After I wash my face and remove my makeup I clean my lashes every night with this lash cleaning set!  There is also a video that shows you how to clean them on this link.  I then brush them with a wand and brush them throughout the day.  The last step is to brush this lash serum on my lash line.  This helps to promote lash growth.  I also used this when I couldn’t have my lash extensions on & it works amazingly!  Makes your lashes longer, darker and stronger.

How long do the lashes last?

People go into get lash fills every 2-4 weeks.  I normally go in to get a refill every 2 weeks because I like them to be full!

Ready to get lashed!?  This chick is!  If you have any other questions you want me to answer put them in the comments!

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    1. Hi Jess, you can check on sbglamstudio.com but with my discount a full set is from $85 for classic to $165 for glam! Refills are $35 to $125 depending on how long you wait and what set!

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