Q & A on My Life as a Sober Sally

Month after month my “Why I Stopped Drinking” blog post gets the most views and I get tuns of questions from all of you! So I am doing an updated blog and answering all of your questions on being a sober sally!

Sober Twenty Something for 2.5 Years | Style blogger Emerson Hannon of Classycleanchic shares Q & A on My Life as a Sober Sally

Do you ever have a drink?

Nope, been a sober sally since March of 2017. In my first blog post I go a little more into my journey from party girl to classy clean chic.

How do you respond to someone offering a drink who doesn’t know?

I simply say no thank you and that normally does the trick!

What do you say when they ask why?

Depending on the person I normally start with it is better for me and everyone else if I don’t drink. I sometimes even throw in we don’t need a more intense Emerson. lol

Has anyone ever given you a hard time about your decision not to drink?

Honestly everyone has been super supportive! I have had people start talking about how they get so drunk and it is ok. That is fine for some people but it just didn’t work for me. I struggle the most with people who think they have a problem of their own and aren’t really ready to accept it.

What is your go to “drink”? Any Mocktails?

I got with a cranberry soda + a lime. Everyone always wants my drink until they realize it doesn’t have alcohol. I don’t do any mocktails because I would rather use my calories for the day on a dessert!

How do you deal with your friends drinking?

Most of my friends are funny when they drink but sometime people can get annoying. I try to leave the situation or go home when it gets to that point. It’s fun being the sober one in the room because you can be quicker on your feet with a joke! You also remember all of the gossip from the loose lipped friends (most dramatic 4 years in a row on my high school cheer team over here!). I can also make all of the decisions for the night because everyone else goes round and round or whatever the decisive person (me) in the room says.

How do you get through feeling left out?

This one is hard for me. I suffer from sever FOMO lol. I think would I rather go, not be left out but not really enjoy myself or do something I enjoy not centered around drinking. After a few late nights out I have realized dinners, happy hours and day drinking are fun for me but anything past 10 pm isn’t worth it.

What are fun activities that don’t involve drinking?

shopping, brunch, grabbing froyo, group fitness classes, playing board games, taking Koda on a walk, concerts (yes you can be sober!). Lots of activities people drink at I can be sober at… as long as it’s before 10 pm.

Did you notice any changes when you stopped drinking?

I wish I could say I lost a bunch of weight but I can defiantly indulge a bit more now and keep the same figure. The main difference I noticed was with my brain no longer killing brain cells with drinking. I think that is the reason I am able to have a full time job, blog, workout and still have a boyfriend and social life. I am present, able to think of things in the back of my head and everything is more clear. Not to mention NO MORE HANG OVERS & lost days from drinking.

Do you think you’ll ever drink socially again?

I think I might have a sip of champagne on my wedding day but honestly it gives me anxiety thinking about drinking again. I have so many negative memories from drinking too much. One drink just doesn’t seem worth it.

Do you miss drinking?!

I sometimes miss being in college and not having to worry about anything and going out all the time… but there is a time and place for that. That chapter of my life has closed and I am onto the next one…. my career. More of my party days on my first blog post.

I love hearing from you all and would love if (only if you feel comfortable) would share some of your experiences in the comments! Hoping this can help just one of you <3

Sober Twenty Something for 2.5 Years | Style blogger Emerson Hannon of Classycleanchic shares Q & A on My Life as a Sober Sally

xoxo E

20 thoughts on “Q & A on My Life as a Sober Sally

  1. I really appreciate this! Thank you for sharing! I have been sober since May 2017. I miss the parties with friends but can’t be around when everyone is crazy and dramatic. I am so much happier now and have a great support in my fiancé. And no more hangovers is such a plus because the older you get the longer it takes to recover.

    1. Omg I couldn’t agree more! I love it. We stopped so close to eachother! Keep it up babe and thanks for reading!

  2. I adore you..for being so honest and open with us! Thank you for sharing this piece of your life! I admire you! I also dont drink like I use to. I may have a drink every couple of months, but nothing crazy! I feel once you get to a certain age it just gets easier…. for me anyway! Thank you Love

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone i adore you for being who you are genuinely beautiful and kind. Such a inspiration please keep on inspiring us. Tysm babe!

  3. More focus, no hangovers, clearer skin and more money to spend on desserts and clothes this is great advice and such an inspiration to live alcohol free. Awesome. Thank you CleanClassyChic.

  4. This is so impressive! I’m really going to try.
    Looking for ideas, what do you do after 10? Beauty sleep? I find if I’m not out drinking I’m usually asleep by 10 but then I feel so lame!

    1. bahah that is not lame! Sleep is great. That way you can sleep the same hours you do during the week. I do stay up late often though… blogging or catching up on my favorite shows!

  5. Omg I didn’t know you were sober too! I’ve been sober since 2/25/08! Best and hardest thing I’ve ever done. You go girl!!

  6. Thank you for using your platform to be open and honest about this! I’ve been sober for six years! I really appreciate you. I’ve been following you on IG for awhile and just came across this blog post. This is awesome!

  7. That is great to hear! Me and my husband now of 25 years quit drinking almost 20 years ago already. It was the best that we could have done! We have 6 beautiful kids together and a loving family! Don’t get me wrong I still love to go out and party with friends and family I just drink soda or water when we go out! The first few years we tough but got a lot easier!

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