I wanted to create a resource for you all use to get to know me better and answer your frequently asked questions!  If there is a question you don’t see but want answered email it to classycleanchic@gmail.com.  It might be good to start off with my about me to learn about my background, where I grew up, went to college, and all of my previous jobs!

How did you get started with blogging?

I originally started with a fitness and food instagram in January of 2014 hence the “clean” in classycleanchic!  Here is my first post:

I then started posting my mirror selfie #ootds in January of 2015 so that I wouldn’t wear the same outfit twice to work!  Here is my first #ootd:

At this point I didn’t follow any bloggers other than my mom @emptyneststyle who is really who got me into everything!

July of 2017 I got my first tripod and started taking pictures (I also wrote a blog post on my IG worthy tripod pics)… in my apartment before work with a Ikea light…I seriously didn’t know what I was doing!  I started following other bloggers and by January of 2018 I was looking to find bloggers in Minneapolis to meet.  This was also the first time I applied to RewardStyle/LiketoKnow.it … spoiler I was denied the first time!  I went to my first @minneapolisbloggers meet up in February of 2018 and learned a lot and made some new friends.  I really wanted to be a part of RewardStyle/LiketoKnow.it and as I read more it seemed like having a blog for 3 or more months was something that could help you get approved.  So in April of 2018 Classy Clean Chic Blog was born!  I applied to RewardStyle/LiketoKnow.it again and was accepted!! YIPPEE!

If you are interested in starting a blog or applying to RewardStyle/LiketoKnow.it send an email to classycleanchic@gmail.com to sign up for my intro to Bogging or How to get approved by RewardStyle/LiketoKnow.it courses!

How did you gain a following and grow your Instagram/Bloggers?

The short.. a lot of hard work and time!  Instagram is truly the amount of work/time you put in is what you get out of it.  Most bIoggers start out still having a full-time job (I work at Medtronic as Sr. Quality Engineer/Supervisor) so the only time you have is before work (me working on this blog post right now), after work and on weekends.  You have to really love it if you want to be successful.

It can also be a bit discouraging at time as well because it might feel like others are growing faster, getting more brand deals, making more money etc.  This is different than any other job because everything is on display.  It’s like if the first time I met someone I had to say “Hi my name is Emerson and I make 40K a year.”

Want to grow your Instagram following and engagement?! Click here to sign up for a private coaching call!

How do you afford all of the clothes you buy?!

It’s my job to wear clothing, to share with you all, and show you the best deals so a do put a good amount of my budget towards clothes.  Most of this comes from the money I make from blogging.  My full-time job is able to pay the bills and everything else.  Brands also send me clothing for free in exchange for sharing with you all (as long as I love it! obvi).  I do also return some pieces for example I don’t need 10 new years eve dresses, but I did love them all!

How do bloggers make money?

Bloggers make money mainly in two different ways.  The first is through collaborating with brands to create dedicated Instagram and/or blog posts.  I started getting paid for posts in April of 2013.  My first paid blog post was with iGogs.

The second is by your help through affiliate links.  I am a part of RewardStyle or you might know it by LiketoKnow.it.  RewardStyle is a monetization platform for infulencers and brands.  This is the easiest way to shop my looks and I also post exclusive content there!  I make a small commission from sales bought through my links.

What to you use to edit your photos?

I use a couple of apps.  I start with the Perfect365 app to edit my face/whiten my teeth.  I then go to the lightroom app and apply a preset.  I am using @dreamypresets Rose Gold!  I love how this helps my photos look cohesive & it saves time!  You can get my preset here.

What size are you? and how tall are you?

I wear a size S in tops, 4/27 in jeans and a S/4 in dresses.  I am 5’3″

If you have more questions you want me to answer and add to this post email me at classycleanchic@gmail.com.

xoxo E

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