Why I Stopped Drinking 🍹

Like most 20 somethings, I liked to party.  I mean I really really liked to party and when I got to college, it was socially acceptable and kinda cute when I lost my phone or woke up & didn’t know where I was. So that’s how it went black-out or get-out. 

I graduated, got my first job in Kalamazoo as a post-market quality engineer…. and still the same, black-out or get-out EVERY weekend.  Not so cute anymore.  It was starting to impact my relationships.  I tried to get in in control, one & done, no hard alcohol, stop drinking at a certain time….nothing worked .  It got worse, so much so that I don’t even remember when my boyfriend broke up with me…I know, sad!

That was my first rock bottom and I’m not even counting the time I fell out of an uber at Wawa (7-eleven) & had to take a $700 ambulance to the hospital…right across the street.  In February of 2015 I stopped drinking alcohol altogether, but I was still doing the same things.  Hanging out with people who over drank, going to bars, and staying up late.  I was constantly fielding questions and comments constantly… “Why aren’t you drinking?”,  “Oh, can’t you just have one?”,  “It’s fine, everyone drinks too much!”  I kept telling myself I was fine.  But after 9 months in October 2015, once again, it became too much.  I realize now I didn’t like living in Kalamazoo & was struggling to find people I could connect or relate to.  So, as you can imagine, I turned to drinking again.  black-out or get-out all over again.

I started to tell myself that if I moved out of Kalamazoo everything would be fine, and that was why I was drinking so much.

In January of 2017 I moved to Minneapolis…which didn’t solve anything.  In fact, it made it worse…more bars, more people to party with.  My friend came to visit and again I hit rock bottom.  I got so drunk, I lost my phone, left my bag at the bar && the worst of it was I left my friend at the bar.  I realized that I didn’t like the person I was when I drank, selfish and irresponsible.  Definitely not the qualities of the women I want to become and where I want to go with my career. 

In March of 2017 I stopped drinking again && changed who I was hanging out with & where I spent my time.  I turned to Bar Method workouts, shopping trips, fun nights out to dinner and now blogging!  It definitely has not been easy and I still do get those questions & comments “Why aren’t you drinking?”,  “Oh, can’t you just have one?”,  “It’s fine, everyone drinks too much!”.  I am much stronger now, having my family, friends & Ryan supporting me (even though Ryan works for a liquor distributor & loves his reds && whiskey!).

I have even grown to actually like being sober.  So hopefully you aren’t as much of a hot mess as I was but here are some of the reasons why not drinking is awesome:

  1. No Hang Overs!!! This one is seriously the best.  I never waste a day from feeling horrible.  You feel better in the morning, & can go and get in that early morning work out!
  2. Save $$! Soda water is FREE!!
  3. Less Calories! From just the alcohol itself…but also no more drunk eating!
  4. I’m Smarter! I definitely have noticed I am better at work, things are easier to understand and my brain is clearer!
  5. More Control! I drive almost everywhere now so I can come and leave as I please.  I also don’t have to spend $$ on ubers.  My friends also appreciate me always being the dd!

Two things that have been super helpful are A. having a drink of choice (soda water + splash of cranberry + a lime) and B. practicing saying “no thank you” and “no thank you I don’t drink”.  I seriously practiced that on the phone with my mom!  I’m hoping this post can help someone struggling like I was.  I am always here to help anyone, answer their questions or just be someone to talk to.

xoxo E

18 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Drinking 🍹

  1. I wanted to cry after reading this! Your story is so relatable to mine, but unfortunately I’m still on that hamster wheel. I’m proud of you and your sobriety, keep up the great work and keep on inspiring others!!

  2. So funny I ran into your blog today! I slept in, which I dont like to do, because I stayed up late drinking last night. I spaced it out so dont feel bad but it was still too much for my taste and body! I wake up feeling so bloated and kicking myself for not stopping at 2 drinks. I was just laying here thinking of going totally sober and I ran into this blog. Your story is very much like mine and I want to stop and get off this hamster wheel of losing weight then gaining it all back with a drinking binge..yuck! You have me feeling inspired.

    1. Thanks so much Christina for sharing! You should do it! best life decision I have made. 🙂

  3. LOVED reading your story. Thanks for being so brave and also so gracious to share this personal story with us, I KNOW you’re going to help and inspire so many people. Congrats on four years, you’re kicking butt! My name is, ‘Louladoozle’ on IG, so I just wanted to officially say, “hello”. I enjoy your style of writing, so I’ll be reading more of your blog pieces and staying current with them. Is there a newsletter or something you send out when a new blog post is up? If so, sign me up please!
    Take care, Jen

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your so relatable story! Sounds like me – blacking out, leaving friends at bars and being hungover one too many times to count. I’ve cut back, drastically, but am at the moment where I am ready to quit for good. Thank you for your inspiration – I feel I came across this blog at the perfect time in my life.

    1. Thanks so much Renee for sharing your story! I am so glad this resonates with you!

  5. Thank YOU! I emailed AND texted this article to myself so I can look at it before I try and grab another glass of wine!

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