Why I Stopped Drinking 🍹

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Like most 20 somethings, I liked to party.  I mean I really really liked to party and when I got to college, it was socially acceptable and kinda cute when I lost my phone or woke up & didn’t know where I was. So that’s how it went black-out or get-out. 

I graduated, got my first job in Kalamazoo as a post-market quality engineer…. and still the same, black-out or get-out EVERY weekend.  Not so cute anymore.  It was starting to impact my relationships.  I tried to get in in control, one & done, no hard alcohol, stop drinking at a certain time….nothing worked .  It got worse, so much so that I don’t even remember when my boyfriend broke up with me…I know, sad!

That was my first rock bottom and I’m not even counting the time I fell out of an uber at Wawa (7-eleven) & had to take a $700 ambulance to the hospital…right across the street.  In February of 2015 I stopped drinking alcohol altogether, but I was still doing the same things.  Hanging out with people who over drank, going to bars, and staying up late.  I was constantly fielding questions and comments constantly… “Why aren’t you drinking?”,  “Oh, can’t you just have one?”,  “It’s fine, everyone drinks too much!”  I kept telling myself I was fine.  But after 9 months in October 2015, once again, it became too much.  I realize now I didn’t like living in Kalamazoo & was struggling to find people I could connect or relate to.  So, as you can imagine, I turned to drinking again.  black-out or get-out all over again.

I started to tell myself that if I moved out of Kalamazoo everything would be fine, and that was why I was drinking so much.

In January of 2017 I moved to Minneapolis…which didn’t solve anything.  In fact, it made it worse…more bars, more people to party with.  My friend came to visit and again I hit rock bottom.  I got so drunk, I lost my phone, left my bag at the bar && the worst of it was I left my friend at the bar.  I realized that I didn’t like the person I was when I drank, selfish and irresponsible.  Definitely not the qualities of the women I want to become and where I want to go with my career. 

In March of 2017 I stopped drinking again && changed who I was hanging out with & where I spent my time.  I turned to Bar Method workouts, shopping trips, fun nights out to dinner and now blogging!  It definitely has not been easy and I still do get those questions & comments “Why aren’t you drinking?”,  “Oh, can’t you just have one?”,  “It’s fine, everyone drinks too much!”.  I am much stronger now, having my family, friends & Ryan supporting me (even though Ryan works for a liquor distributor & loves his reds && whiskey!).

I have even grown to actually like being sober.  So hopefully you aren’t as much of a hot mess as I was but here are some of the reasons why not drinking is awesome:

  1. No Hang Overs!!! This one is seriously the best.  I never waste a day from feeling horrible.  You feel better in the morning, & can go and get in that early morning work out!
  2. Save $$! Soda water is FREE!!
  3. Less Calories! From just the alcohol itself…but also no more drunk eating!
  4. I’m Smarter! I definitely have noticed I am better at work, things are easier to understand and my brain is clearer!
  5. More Control! I drive almost everywhere now so I can come and leave as I please.  I also don’t have to spend $$ on ubers.  My friends also appreciate me always being the dd!

Two things that have been super helpful are A. having a drink of choice (soda water + splash of cranberry + a lime) and B. practicing saying “no thank you” and “no thank you I don’t drink”.  I seriously practiced that on the phone with my mom!  I’m hoping this post can help someone struggling like I was.  I am always here to help anyone, answer their questions or just be someone to talk to.

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xoxo E

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