It’s My Birthday: 28 Things I Have Learned!

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I turned 28 on the 13th and wanted to do a more reflective post for you all.  I listed 28 things I have learned in the past 28 years of my life!  Click more to read them all.

1. Worrying about myself is a life long job.  This is something my dad used to say to my sister & I when we would compete with each other on everything!  This is still one I struggle with today.  It is hard to look at others in their life journey and not compare yourself!  I constantly have to stop myself and just look at how far I have come!

2. I need a plannerAfter college I stopped using a planner because I didn’t have anymore homework. This year I got this one and have felt much more in control.   For work I can write down what I need to get done in the week or for the day!  And for blogging it has been so helpful to plan out content and make sure I can meet my post deadlines.  I really love the act of writing.  It helps me to remember and is somewhat therapeutic.

3. Alcohol + Emerson does not mix.  Click here to read why I stopped drinking about a year and a half ago.

4. Being alone doesn’t mean I am lonely.  This one was hard for me because I am a type A extrovert!  In the spring of 2017 I had just moved to a new city, was single, stopped drinking, and needed all new friends (most of the friends I had met in Minneapolis would go out an party which wasn’t a great mix for sober sally).  I spent a lot of time alone and learned to enjoy being by myself and doing my own thing.

5. Silence is golden.  I am confident enough in myself with silence and try not to use fillers like ums & head nods.

6. I love books on tape.  I never enjoyed reading because I am dyslexic (no that doesn’t mean I see letters backwards) and I struggle to read.  One of my favorite books was The Charisma Myth where I learned a few of the 28!

7. Make my own truths. When someone cuts me of on the road or says something rude during a meeting I like to make a story in my head that they had a super bad day and are just trying their best.  I won’t ever know the real reason behind the remark or why that person merged infront of me so just think the best.

8. I look better in heels!  I rarely wear flats because I think I look short and stumpy when I do lol.  I am only 5’3″.

9. I can’t control others. No matter how much I try I can only control my actions and not others.  What I can do however is influence others.  Specifically through being charismatic

10. Copy + Paste! Best tool to get things done faster.

11. Pedicure first then spray tan.

12. Don’t need to re-invent the wheel.  It’s ok to take someones idea a build upon it and make it my own!

13. Paycheck to Savings! For me to save money I need to not even see it.  That is how I saved 10K in a year spoiler I had in my bank account when I started.

14. Louder doesn’t mean better.  This one is for you dad….I tend to get supa loud when I want people to listen to me.  Still a work in progress lol.

15. My dad is always right. I tried to fight it throughout high-school and college but he is a pretty smart guy.

16. How to parallel park.  I had to park on the curb for an entire year when I got my masters at Villanova.

17. I can live anywhere within an hour of a Nordstrom.  I have lived in Denver, Philadelphia, Dayton, Minneapolis and Kalamazoo (which is too far – hence why I moved).

18. How to listen.  Not thinking about what I am going to say but truly listen to what others have to say.

19. To ask others questions. Despite what I want to think it’s not anyways about me.  I used to only talk about myself

20. Everyone has got an opinion and I don’t always need to listen to everyone’s. Even if it is coming from my mom or sister (love you two) I can still make my own decision.  I am really close to my family and really take their opinion to heart.

21. It doesn’t matter what I said it only matters what was heard. I may of had the best intentions but at the end of the day it only matters what the other person heard.

22.  Mistakes happen. It’s about making sure they don’t happen again and how I repair what I just messed up.  This is a great one for work.  Make a little mistake and it’s just a matter of fixing it, moving on and putting something in place so it won’t happen again.  When I started out at my first job I sent an email to my one over manager and a bunch of directors with a couple of incorrect numbers.  I corrected it and realized I need to slow down and re-read my emails before I send them!

23.  Forgive others.  It benefits both people.  I don’t need to carry grudges because that will hinder my way to SUCCESS!

24. I don’t need to like everyone at work.  I just need to be able to work with everyone whether I like their personality or not.

25.  I can do anything if I put my mind to it!  If I really try at something I can achieve anything.  A big stretch role was applying for the role I currently am in.  I practiced interviewing questions, put the work in and landed my first supervisory role!

26.  My vote matters!  The election of 2018 was the first time I voted & if you do the math I could of voted is 3 presidential elections.  I had a bunch of excuses (in college, moved to a new state, didn’t have an in state license) in the past but am proud to be able to vote and use that right.

27. I can’t weigh myself.  After years of yo-yo dieting I realized that I wasn’t weighing myself in a healthy manner.  Well Ryan actually did.  When you live with someone it’s harder to hide weighing yourself 3-4 times a day!  Now I just judged on how I feel and how my jeans fit.  This has also helped me to stop eating when I am full and stop binge eating.  I am thinking about doing a future blog post on this!

28. I am AWESOME! And humble too (still working on that one lol).  Self confidence is everything though.  If I don’t think I am great how is anyone else?!

Use code classy10 for 10% off the jammie set!  Balloon birthday idea is from Anagram Balloons.

If you made it this far congratulations!  Comment below which was your favorite!

xoxo E

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