Making Ugly Christmas Sweaters Cute Again!

It’s that time of year again where every gathering at work, with friends or family calls for a ugly Christmas sweater!  But not to fret I have you covered, if your a gal who wears a stylish sweater, loves to go all out, wants to get the best dressed award (this is me!) or going on a budget/DYI I have you covered!  I styled 9 holiday Christmas sweaters for you including my get up from 2017 all the way back to 2014 (you are not gonna wanna miss this one!).  Click more to shop the looks!

Head to @classycleanchic if you missed the try-on for these looks!  Check my highlight “Xmas Sweater”.


All sweaters are TTS wearing a US6 or S in all of them.  For the jeans I sized up to a 28.

Sparkle sweater is supa fashionable and not the normal holiday colors so you can be a little different!  I also love how oversized this fits & the geometric pattern!  I would suggest wearing a white long sleeve underneath for this one because it is a tad itchy.  But hey…fashion is pain 😉

Oh my DEER sweater! I mean how adorable is this one?!  I love animals on clothing & this one is just the cutest deer I could squeeze!  Not to mention this one is so comfy (no glitter! for those of you who hate it – I personal want to be buried in glitter).  I will be wearing this to my corporate holiday Christmas party on Friday!  Look for more pics on IG.

Sequin stripe sweater has the glitter on the neck and wrists & the sequins to top it off!  I also love that the sweater is competently soft underneath and none of the sequin stitching touches your skin!

Yes the 80s did call… but they CANNOT have their Sweater back.  This one is giving me all of the heart eyes!!  I love the sequins on the top (go around back too!) & the colors are gorgeous.  I would say this is the comfiest of the sweaters!

Metallic crop sweater reminds me of the 90’s and is perfect for a hot date or your friend Christmas party.  Don’t want to wear this one home to grandmas because of how cropped it is.  I love the royal blue color because it is unexpected for a Christmas sweater.  The material is not super itchy but if you react easily to materials I would suggest wearing a white long sleeve underneath for this one too!

Now for the Holiday Sweaters of Christmas Past!

2017: Political Couple


If you want to win best dressed this is a sure fire way to win!  Cutest duo sweaters EVER!! Make X-Mas Great Again & Miss Me Yet? … the answer is yes yes we do lol.

Another one from 2017.  Found the exact sweater used but here is a similar one where the nose lights up too!  Also, my oh my how far my pictures have come.  This is an image I posted to IG.  I did add the same preset I use now.  Amazing what a little practice will do for you!

2016: Taking Down Chi Town!

Same sweater as I wore in 2017 but the second pick is a little blurry!  This is back from the days when I still drank.  ICYMI here is my post on why I stopped drinking.

2015: DIY

This year I got a simple red & white sweater and jazzed it up with some battery string lights (I just pushed the light through the holes in the sweater and let the battery pack hang) & jingle bells with a needle + thread. This is another crowd pleaser and potential award winner!  If you do any DIY sweaters I would love you to tag me on IG when you wear it!

2014: Nighties Take the Friendly Skies

This might be one of my favorites.  My sister and I were traveling on Christmas eve from our Grandmas in Charlotte & we decided we would wear Christmas nightgowns on our flight home!  Everyone in the airport was staring at us… I loved it lol.

I hope this helped you get some holiday Christmas sweater inspo & I can’t wait to see all of you in your amazing holiday get ups!  Be sure to tag me in your posts!  And if anyone gets and award…we have to share it OBVIOUSLY (jk).

If that wasn’t enough for you, here is some additional holiday Christmas sweater inspo, I will be adding to this throughout the holiday season!

xoxo E

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