Have a Stress Free Vacation with MLJ Vacay

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I love to travel, but don’t always have the time to do a bunch of research before (working full time and blogging) and find the best places to eat and see!  I always get fomo when I get home to see a instagram snap of something AWESOME where I just was but missed it!  I didn’t have to worry about that on our trip to Austin, TX because MLJ Vacay researched and planned the entire thing!  & guess what the entire trip was Mr. Hannon approved…let me tell you that is pretty tough!  Read on to hear about the process, our experience + all of my looks from the trip (P.S. some of them have never been seen!).

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Sleeping Better with Leesa’s Newest Mattress

Ryan & I just moved into a new apt, got a new king bed and have been in search for a mattress that lets us get a better sleep.  Tried out a couple and our favorite was the new & improved Leesa Sleep mattress!  Got you babes $160 off your Leesa mattress when you use code classycleanchic!  Here are the top 4 reasons why we love our new mattress!

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How To Take an Insta-Worthy Tripod Pic

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Would you have guessed this picture was taken on a tripod?  More than half of my pictures are taken by yours truly via my trusty tripod.  I originally started taking pics with Amanda (that’s her name) because I lived alone, didn’t have anyone to take a picture (Ryan hadn’t appeared yet!)…nor did I want anyone to take one of me!  I had no idea how to pose.  In walks Amanda the tripod and the rest is history!  Now for how to get the insta-worthy shot in 5 easy steps!

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Minneapolis Brunch Spots & Insta-Worthy Captions

One of my favorite activities (even since I stopped drinking) has always been getting dressed up for brunch, getting some delish food with friends & taking a perfect picture for insta (hello lighting!).  I have rounded up my 8 fav insta-worthy brunch spots in Minneapolis + 22 of my favorite insta-worthy brunch captions! Continue reading “Minneapolis Brunch Spots & Insta-Worthy Captions”

David’s Bridal: Brunch to Ballgowns

I had always thought David’s Bridal was just for bridal gowns, and bridesmaids dresses, but then when I went with my girlie Lauren, to the opening of David’s Bridal in Minneapolis I realized there was so much more!

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How to Plan a Jammin’ Bachelorette Weekend!

What better way to recap my amazing Bachlorette weekend in Palm Springs then to give you all my top 10 tips to plan a successful bach party?!  Hope you are all ready to PARRRRTAYYYYY! Continue reading “How to Plan a Jammin’ Bachelorette Weekend!”

Packing in a Carry-on for a Two Week Trip!

As the daughter of a type “A” control freak, expert packer with no time for waiting at the airport (always with a contingency plan B, C and D) I was always required to pack in a carry-on for any of my trips!  And this was before baggage fees.  Trips were not just those summer trips to Hawaii with bikinis, but think of a trip to Paris in the winter for a week and a half, a trip to Australia for 2 weeks, and most recently a trip to London in the winter for 10 days!  Continue reading “Packing in a Carry-on for a Two Week Trip!”

BOSS BABE: How I Get the Most Out of My Day!

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Engineering 8-5, working-out twice a day & running my fashion, fitness & lifestyle blog can get pretty hectic. Here are 10 things I do to be a BOSS BABE and get the most out of the short 24 hours we all have in a day! Continue reading “BOSS BABE: How I Get the Most Out of My Day!”

How I Saved 10K In a Year

I have always been a girl who spends ALL of her extra cash on clothes. To the point where if it’s in my account I am going to spend it!  lol.  That was fine and hunky-dory until I got my first big girl job in the summer of 2014 and had to pay those billzzz.  I am super embarrassed to tell you this but when I moved to Minneapolis in January of 2017 I had ZEROO dollars saved in my account!  Continue reading “How I Saved 10K In a Year”

10 Reasons Why I’m OBSESSED with The Bar Method!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I moved to Minneapolis in January of 2017 with zero friends…I know pretty scary especially in the middle of winter.  I figured girls still workout in the winter, right?!  Continue reading “10 Reasons Why I’m OBSESSED with The Bar Method!”