Q&A With Coco

You guys have been loving all of the Coco content! I wanted to have a place for you to go to help answer all of your puppy questions. Also be sure to check out the other blog post I made about Traveling with Coco! If you have any great puppy tips I would LOVE to hear them so be sure to comment!

What kind of dog is Coco and how big will she get?

She is a micro Cavapoo which is a Cavalier king Charles + a Micro Poodle. She is supposed to be up to 10 pounds, but we will see.

How did you find Coco and how much was she?

I did some research online and Pinterest was super helpful, because I knew what I wanted her to look like. I got her from @littletetondoodles for $4500.

How old is she?

She was born on 10/13/2020.

What do you feed her?

I feed her Farmer’s Dog. Use this link for 60% off your first order!

Tips on crate training?

  1. Don’t say anything when they cry.
  2. Don’t let them out when they cry. I put her in there while I still tapped on my phone for a little in the dark and she cried.
  3. Get them tired before bed.
  4. Cover the crate with a blanket.
  5. Get a Snuggle Puppy.

Does Coco sleep with you or do you have a separate bed for her?

She sleeps in her crate at night. She loves it now and goes in there when I start washing my face at night. I let her come into bed around 7 AM for snuggles.

Any tips for potty training?

  1. Keep them in a small area. Set them up for success (puppy gate linked). Then you can move to add more space as they are successful.
  2. Treats after every potty for positive reinforcement.
  3. Have a word for going to the bathroom and use it all the time when telling them to go and after they go. I say “potty potty potty.”
  4. Put them on the potty area frequently, every time you like, come back, out of the crate, wake up from a nap. I watched her like a hawk for the first month.

Why do you have a bathroom bad inside vs on your balcony.

I honestly was afraid and had nightmares of her going through the cracks of my balcony and falling 25 stories! But also inside is warmer and she can just go whenever and I don’t have to open the door for her or anything. She is fully potty trained already so it was for sure worth it for me. She rarely has accidents. I will link my puppy pad here!

How does cleaning the inside puppy pad work?

The grass I put straight in the dishwasher and then I clean the bottom tray in the sink.

Biting tips?

So when Coco bites I don’t say “NO!” Saying no is giving them reinforcement even if it is negative. A lot of times they think it is playing too. So I just remove my hands (under my armpits) or where ever she is biting. Sometimes this means I put her on the floor if she is biting. I also do a lot of positive reinforcement when she does kisses or licks.

What do you use to clean her teeth?

I just use an old tooth brush and water. I also give her Greenies!

How often do you take her to the groomers?

She hasn’t gone to the groomer yet. I try to brush her daily and I give her a shower every other week.

What dog shampoo do you use?

I use the Burt’s Bees dog shampoo.

What clippers do you use to clip her face?

I just used small fingernail clippers. I also tell her she is so pretty when I do it LOL.

How do you get her to cooperate while brushing?

I fill her Kong with some cheese and freeze it overnight so it takes her longer to lick out. This helps distract her while I do the brushing. I will link the brush I use here!

How did you get the Pawz booties on alone?

I pull them flat and get the most inside part to touch her foot and then put them on like a sock.

Was she always quiet or did you train her not to bark? She looks so well behaved!

She is pretty quiet but a good “shhhhhh shhhhhh” is ok and to redirect to toys. I think I also didnt act like it was all cute when she barked when she was little. We will see if it gets harder.

What is her favorite treat?

She has been loving bully sticks and they last forever!

Xoxo, E

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