10 Tips To Travel With a Puppy

My puppy, @classycleancoco loves to travel. She has been traveling since she was little. Coco was 9 weeks old when we first went to visit Grandma & Grandpa for Christmas. Through the experience I learned how to fly with a pup and am giving you the ten tips you need to travel with your dog!

1. Call Your Airline Most airlines only have a certain number pups per plane so we had to make sure there was room for Coco. With a quick google search “flying with dogs on delta” you can see the fee associated with traveling with pups. For delta it was $125 each way and she had to be able to fit comfortably under the seat infront of me.

2. Get a Travel Carrier I got this one and Coco loves it! It was nice because I can take out the sides to give her more room to play. This was great because Coco wasn’t allowed to come out of her container. Only emotional support pups and service animals are able to be out of their containers!

3. Travel Carrier Practice Just like the crate we needed Coco to get used to her carrier. I put Coco in the carrier for 10 minutes and then would take her out for a little a put her back in. I also walked Coco around a bit in her carrier. Lots of praise for being in her carrier too!

4. Look into Getting Medicine I took Coco to the vet and asked about medicine for travel. Some dogs get nauseous while traveling. Coco didn’t need anything but it’s always a good idea to check with your vet. If you do get meds be sure to try them out a day before the trip. A few puppies get crazier on the medication and you want to make sure your pup isn’t one of the lucky ones.

5. Travel Water/Food holder Bring something easy to give your pup water and a snack! I love this bottle because it holds the water and acts as a bowl to drink out of. It also holds food in the bottom.

6. Bring Treats I gave Coco a few treats throughout the day to encourage her amazing silence! It is also a good idea to bring an interactive treat holder like this Kong that you can fill with treats or this treat paste.

7. Limit Food & Water Not only did I not want accidents but I wanted to make sure Coco didn’t have a tun of extra energy on the travel day.

8. Get a Snuggle Puppy This toy has a heating pad and a heartbeat to help calm an anxious pup.

9. Bring Copy of Vet Shots I had to check in at the desk and hand over all of the information. They took a look at Coco in her container, put a tag on her container and that was it. We were on our way.

10. Find the Puppy Relief Areas All airports have doggie relief areas (start looking for signs). A employee can take you to find the nearest one. I took Coco a few times. One mistake was when I arrive in Colorado I didn’t take her out and then she had an accident in her container!

If you use any of these tips send me pictures of you traveling with your pup or tag me on instagram! If you have any questions leave them in the comments, I’ll be answering questions tonight.

xoxo E

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