Family Gift Guide: Parents, In-Laws and Fluffy Sidekicks!

I was with all of these cuties over Turkey day break I decided to combine my parental units (and in-law) and furry friend holiday gift guides… and I also just thought this pic was cute! lol  The parent gift guide can also be for anyone who loves to cook, entertain, decorate their home or drink….so basically most humans.  I included some items for kitties as well even though I only like them on paper, in pictures and I often meow! lol.

Click any image above to shop!

Click any image above to shop!

Continue reading to see my top 5 gifts for your parents/in-laws & for your furry friend!

Parental Units

1. Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket because my mum is always cold and could use another throw blanket.  This one is supa soft & comes in 6 neutral colors that can match any home.  If you aren’t sure what color I would say white is the safest bet!

2. Home Security Camera detects motion and can watch your home when you aren’t able to!  This gift is for anyone who has a front door.  Or a loving dad who likes to make fun of your mother when she tries to bring in the large packages the FedEx guy left!

3. Capri Blue Candle for anyone who has a nose!  Got that difficult person to shop for or your not sure how much to spend this gift is perfect.  It’s only $30 but looks and smells like a million bucks!

4. Angle Decanter for the winos.  Looks supa fancy but won’t even come close to breaking the bank.

5. 12-Piece Cookware Set for those who want to treat their parents while getting an amazing deal.  This gorgeous cookware set is copper & is 25% off!  But hurry these are selling out at various retailers!

Furry Friend

1. Poop Emoji Toy a funny joke for your white elephant gift or for your furry friend because you want to watch them playing with “brownie”.  Pretty great $10 joke if you ask me!

2. Ball Launcher I mean I just might want this for myself… making fetch happen!  Perfect for anyone who is lazy sometimes.  The correct answer is all people!

3. Catnip Fortune Cookies I didn’t want to leave out the kittens and this little gift is so adorable for a kitten!  I love that it has multiple pieces so multiple toys for the price of one.

4. UGG Sherpa Pajamas I want a one for only $20!  For any animal lover because we all love to dress up our pets.  And this one is name brand and fashion forward.

5. Furbo Dog Camera A little pricer coming in at $114 but worth it because this basically watches your animal for you while you are away!  It also always you to talk to your furry friend and send them treats!

What were your favorites?  I would love to know in the comments!

Here are additional items I am loving for your parentals & fur balls.  I will be adding to this until Christmas so be sure to check back!

And since you made it this far here are some pictures of my dad trying to do the “blogger picture rock” lol.  Do you think he got it?!

xoxo E


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