Gift Guide for Him

Here is the highly requested gift guide for him! All of these gifts I have picked out are Ryan approved. Thanks so much for the help suggesting great gifts you have given or received. Also stay tuned for more gift guides I will have coming in the next couple of weeks. In the comments if you have any certain guides you would like to see please let me know!

Gift Guide For Him | Style blogger Emerson Hannon of Classycleanchic shares Gift Guide For Him
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Family Gift Guide: Parents, In-Laws and Fluffy Sidekicks!

I was with all of these cuties over Turkey day break I decided to combine my parental units (and in-law) and furry friend holiday gift guides… and I also just thought this pic was cute! lol  The parent gift guide can also be for anyone who loves to cook, entertain, decorate their home or drink….so basically most humans.  I included some items for kitties as well even though I only like them on paper, in pictures and I often meow! lol.

Click any image above to shop!

Click any image above to shop!

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