How To Take an Insta-Worthy Tripod Pic

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Would you have guessed this picture was taken on a¬†tripod?¬† More than¬†half¬†of my pictures are taken by yours truly via my trusty¬†tripod.¬† I originally started taking pics with Amanda (that’s her name) because I lived alone, didn’t have anyone to take a picture (Ryan hadn’t appeared yet!)…nor did I want anyone to take one of me!¬† I had no idea how to¬†pose.¬†¬†In walks Amanda the tripod¬†and the rest is history!¬† Now for how to get the insta-worthy shot in 5 easy steps!

How to Get the Shot

1. Order the tripod¬†with the phone¬†attachment.¬†¬†I use my iPhone X for all of my photos, it’s easy (I always have it with me) and the picture is AMAZE!

2. Take your gear to the location you want to shoot.¬† Start somewhere comfortable like your coach!¬† Then you can venture out to your porch… and maybe even one day outside your hotel room in CA (like I did when I was working out there!)

3. Get your tripod setup.¬† When I am doing full body shots I move the tripod down to the lowest setting (seen here).¬† This makes me appear taller and thinner (I am 5′ 3″ on a good day!).¬† For my half body shots I take those on the highest setting and look up slightly to the camera (I just think this angle is cute).

4. Get your phone set up.  I use the self-timer mode on my phone set to 10 seconds on burst mode.  That way I can move with the picture and make it look more natural!  If you want you can get a self-timer.  This one works with your smart phone.  Also this is a good time to add music to help you relax and get into the mood!

5. Get the shot!¬† I press the camera button, start counting down from 10, and get into the shot.¬† This way I know when the pictures are going to start shooting!¬† After each burst of 10 pictures I go back look at the pictures and adjust… When I started out I would cut off my head or feet a lot!¬† And I still do sometimes LOL.¬† During this step is when I learned how to pose, working with myself I am able to try new poses I might not when someone else is getting the shot.

Now for the test!  Which photos do you think were taken with a tripod?!

Let me know your guesses in the comments!¬† I will announce which ones were taken with a tripod Friday 11/16!¬† Hint: there are 5!¬† I would also love if you tag me in your new tripod pics.¬† I can’t wait to see how good you look!

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