Your Favorite 10 Pieces from January

Ok babes since you love my top 18 for 2018 I decided to add in a month favs for you each month.  For January EVERY SINGLE THING was from AMAZON!!  I will keep the hauls coming.  Read on to see your top 10!

10. Tripod & iPhone Adapter cuz we don’t need to man & we can all take our own pictures!  Lol  If you need help on how to get instagram-worthy pics with a tri-pod see my blog post hereComing in at $31.48 for the set.

9. Checkered Zip Wallet and Phone Clutch is the perfect dupe and comes in black, brown and white.  I love that it can hold your iPhone so you can wear it as a clutch as well. Coming in at $16.78!

8. UGG Bow Boots are so comfy and I love the little bows on them!! Come in 5 colors and are perfect for lounging around the house or going to the grocery store. Coming in at $99.90!

7. Sherpa Pullover is what dreams are made of!  It is seriously so soft and amazing quality.  It is the same one you find in the boutiques but for half the price.  Coming in at $24.99!


6.Vanity and Desk Drawer Organizers are the best 6-piece set because you can customize them to any drawer.  I am going to order a few more because you can stack them as well.  I also love how you can see everything you have so you don’t accidentally buy extra! Coming in at $14.99!!


5. Maroon Thermal is perfect to transition from winter to spring.  It is so soft and comes in a few colors.  Add a bralette to style it off the shoulder.  Coming in at $18.99!!

4.  LV Leather Belt is such great dupe and almost pass for the real deal!  I would get a size 110 for a 27.  I had to make extra hole because I got a 115.  Rule of thumb get the bigger one if you aren’t sure because you can always make more holds & you cant make a belt longer!  Coming in at $16.98

3.  Large Velvet Black Gucci for a fraction of the price!  Comes in a bunch of colors and is such great quality!  Coming in at $35.90

2. Dupes so good y’all DM to ask if I have the dupe or real deal.  Gucci Dupe Belt is coming in at number 2 only because I think the link was gone for half the month lol.  If any link isn’t working send me a message & I will find another for you babes!! Coming in at $29.99

1. You loved these in both of my Amazon hauls so it is no wonder this off the shoulder top is numba ONE!  Might be one of my favorite finds because you can style it so many ways (just see my insta feed)!  Coming in at $18.98!!

What number was your favorite?!

xoxo E





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