Cozy Fall & Halloween Decor

It is officially fall so I thought it would be a perfect time to help you all get decorated for the season. Even though it’s still in the 80’s here in Minneapolis so my AC is still on full blast! Tap read more to see how I decorated our condo for spooky season and maybe get some ideas for your home too!

Wanted to give you some additional ideas from the previous years decor as well! Keep scrolling for my decor looks from 2022.

Check out my fall decor from 2021!

Jenna and I had an adventure getting this hay bale. It makes a huge mess as you can see by the hay scrapes all over the ground. But I would do it all again because I love how my little pumpkin patch turned out on my patio!

Be sure to get a variety of pumpkins when picking them out. The different textures and colors always look so much better than just the plain orange ones!

A lot of my decor was snagged on Amazon and they came Prime in just a few days!

I am loving the double rug look and it will be so easy to switch out the top rug when the season changes!

How cute is this little bat wall. I snagged these from an Etsy shop and I didn’t even use half of the bats in the package!

There are so many fun options available when decorating your home for fall. You can have anything from fun pumpkin decor to a scary Halloween vibe, and everything in between. Have any tips or tricks you want to share? Leave them down in the comments!

xoxo, E

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  1. Thank you, Koda! You’re getting so big. Kind of jealous you got to watch Halloweentown but you may’ve not been in to that anyways lol.

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