What to Wear to Work

Pleated Green Pants sponsored by The Cat Lab + Karina Dress

Engineer by day && FASHIONISTA by night… I have finally found the balance of how to bring my style to work.  Here are my 5 easy steps I follow to dress to impress!

1. Silent jewelry!  I make sure my jewelry doesn’t make any noise.  I don’t want anything distracting from my beautiful brain at work!

2. Size up!  I had to learn this the hard way.  My first male manager had to tell me people were talking about me around the office…&& not in a good way.  My clothes were WAY TOO SMALL && too tight!!

See what I am saying….

3. Dress for the Day!  I dress for the meetings I have that day.  Am I going to be doing a lot of sitting that day?  No skirts.  Walking?  Lower shoes.  Do I have my site management meeting? Maybe not the day for my new hot pink blouse && green pants 🙂

4. Dress for the Job I Want!  Working at a manufacturing site it is super casual, people wear jeans everyday.  My manager however, dresses business casual so you best believe I am too!

5. Only one statement piece!  I sometimes fib on this a bit, but it helps to make sure my outfit doesn’t get to crazzzy.  Huge statement earrings?  I dress my outfit down with casual crops and a blouse.  Loud pants? I do a plain top && neutral shoes.  For work…less is more.  I don’t want people talking about my outfit instead of my ideas!

Comment what your go look work style tips!

Pleated Green Pants sponsored by The Cat Lab + Karina Dress

xoxo E

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