5 Festival Looks & #RevolveFestival Q&A

Revolve fest festival outfit ideas mini dress white dress colorful cowboy boots 

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It was so much fun going back to Revolve Festival this year!  Sharing what I wore, 5 festival looks from this year and my answers to my #RevolveFestival Q&A with you girls!  Click to get the scoop! Keep scrolling to see some more fun from 2019!

What is Revolve Festival?

I hope all of you know Revolve, because basically all of my outfits are from there.  Buttt in case you are new around here Revolve is home to the world’s most-coveted designer apparel, shoes & accessories.

Every year Revolve puts on a huge party at The Merv Griffin Estate in La Quinta, CA the first weekend of Coachella.  Revolve Festival is an invite only party for the the world’s biggest fashion influencers, musicians, artists, athletes and celebs.  It is the basically the most exclusive pre-party.

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#LTKstyletip #LTKtravel #LTKunder100

What is included?

Tickets to all 3 events, shuttles to and from, a budget for clothing to wear on the trip and a tun of swag at the event! 

Are Revolve Festival & Coachella two different events?

Yes! Revolve is an invite-only two-day festival with it’s own performers. iI falls on the first week of coachella.

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Was the bus situation really bad to get around the festival grounds?

Not if you arrived early! We waited about 30 minutes day one & 15 day two . They sent us all an email telling us to arrive early. The doors closed at 6 pm so we got there around 1:30 pm! It wasn’t too bad, they had ice cream and water for us! The way home was a little bit trickier – on the second night, someone got mad and threw a trash can & people started running and pushing each other to get into the buses. It’s tough in these situations where people are drunk and just want to go home.

We just moved to the side & let everyone pass. We waited our turn and only had to wait like 20 minutes to get onto the bus – not too bad! There were a bunch of others like us too, staying calm & waiting their turn!

What does invite only mean?

There are different levels of invites. I’m sure some influencers are paid to be there – that’s the highest level. The next level get in for free & get a clothing credit. The last level was for ambassadors who got the invite if they bought a 2K gift card from Revolve!

Revolve fest festival outfit ideas belly chain 

#LTKstyletip #LTKunder100 #LTKtravel

Was it worth the trip out there?

Yes! It’s a great chance to meet new influencers, a great content opportunity and it’s always so fun to see everyone’s outfits! The concerts are amazing, it’s such an intimate experience that you don’t really get anywhere else. Plus, it’s nice to be in Palm Springs for a couple of days!

Did you have to pay your own flight & stay?

Yes, I had to pay for my own flight & hotel. Sometimes, brands will cover your flight, hotel or coachella ticket if you’re promoting them for the week. I didn’t have anything lined up this year but hopefully next year!

Revolve fest festival outfit ideas mini dress white dress colorful cowboy boots 

#LTKtravel #LTKstyletip #LTKunder100

^^ y’all also asked if these boots were comfy & yes!! Didn’t even need my bandaids!

Who were the performers?

The headliner on Saturday was set to be Ty Dolla $ign and BIA but Post Malone & Migos ended up being the surprise guests! The headliners on Sunday were Jack Harlow, Willow Smith, Iann Dior & Latto! There are also a ton of DJ sets throughout the whole weekend!

Did you see any celebrities?

A bunch! We saw a few people from the Bachelor and Love is Blind & a ton of people from tiktok! We also saw Noah Beck, Loren Grey & other influencers! I had my eye out for Kendall Jenner & Kim Kardashian but I didn’t see them – you know I was trying to meet Jack Harlow, but no such luck, lol

Revolve fest festival outfit ideas mini dress white dress colorful cowboy boots 

#LTKstyletip #LTKtravel #LTKunder100

How were the other influencers?

Everyone was super nice! Every one is a little bit “famous” so it is kind of like everyone is on the same playing field. I had to play it cool & not fan girl anyone too hard but I had to go up to meet @annaxsitar!

Revolve fest festival outfit ideas mini dress white dress colorful cowboy boots 

#LTKstyletip #LTKtravel #LTKunder100

How was it being around the party scene for 2 days when you don’t drink?

Totally fine! Most people aren’t super drunk so it’s not a big deal! Plus, I am used to it! There is a lot of other things going on too – music, food, taking pictures & a personal fave – people watching.

Was it really crowded?

Not at all! Even when the headliners come on, you still have a lot of space which is one of the coolest things about the festival!

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What was your least favorite part?

How bad my feet hurt, lol! Don’t forget to bring your bandaids & comfy shoes – learn from me haha

How was the food there?

Delicious! I was able to find pizza, vegan chicken, ice cream & even sushi!

Revolve fest festival outfit ideas belly chain 

#LTKunder100 #LTKstyletip #LTKtravel

What did you wear?

Here are the 5 festival looks I had planned for #RevoleFestival!

What did you bring?

Linking up everything that I packed for you! But, for starters, I brought some sandals, boots and heels, an outfit for each day and one for the after party, and jewelry, sunnies and a bag to match!

Revolve fest revolve outfit ideas Revole festival Coachella outfits Coachella outfit idea festival outfit idea summer outfit idea 

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Revolve fest revolve outfit ideas Revole festival Coachella outfits Coachella outfit idea festival outfit idea summer outfit idea 

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Keep scrolling for my recap of #RevolveFestival in 2019!

At the festival everything is free, food, drink…give me all the acai bowls!

I was also able to set up an apt to get my hair did by @cuveebeauty!  There was an option to get your makeup done as well.

Hotel and airfare are on your own.  This is also just for me, I am sure the big names get to stay at Hotel Revolve, get gifts in their room, have their own private shuttle and their own parties Thursday and Friday night!

What celebs did you see?

@olivaculpo every day (she is seriously the cutest), @amanda_stantonn and @caelynnmillerkeyes and @jasminegoode_ from the bachelor.  And I ran into @songofstyle and @camilacoelho in the bathroom.  Stalked Camila coming out to ask for a pic:

Tuns of other celebs were there, I was looking for Kendall Jenner Hannah G and Shay Mitchell but didn’t find them.  My favorite this was to people watch…the outfits were AMAZING!!

What was the lineup?

All you need to know is Cardi B was a surprise performer!  Revolve pulled out all the stops this year for the performers and I can’t wait to see who they bring in 2020!  Other notable performers were Tyga, Offset, Rich the Kid, and Saweetie.  Here is me right be for Cardi went on:

My weekend:

I flew in Friday and headed to the gifting suite (I was able to pick two pieces) at Hotel Revolve.  Hotel Revolve is where all the cool celebs stay for free (I assume).  I stayed at Hotel Triada which was not included in the Festival Ticket.

This is me (obvi) infront of Hotel Revolve:

Hotel Revolve Pool:

Got some pics for the gram after and headed to bed to rest up for Day 1.

Saturday I got up and did few Bikini looks and got ready for Day 1 of Revolve Festival.

The grounds were were a bloggers dream, so many amazing spots to get the gram!  Another thing I love about this festival is you get to meet so many friend IRL!  Here are some of the babes I met:

@kennedyfrazer infront of the swings!

@tayhage infront of the Revolve pool!

@sweetteawithmadi and @ottestyle at the 8 Other Reasons gifting popup!

We went home and relaxing before the superdown party at 11 pm (so late!).  We didn’t get home until 3 am #partyanimal

@xposedbeauty superdown nights!

Sunday was day 2, another day to get some amazing photos, eat my heart out (they added In-N-Out) and some more swag!  Revolve had freebies the second day!

Tips for Revolve Festival!

1. Arrive to the shuttles early!  There are shuttles that take you to and from the estate each day.  We happened to be early for the first time in my life day 1 and we made sure we were early the second day!  And when I say early I really mean on time. lol… it is a bunch of bloggers and influencers.

2. Wear comfortable shoes! You will be on your feet for a long time and walking around a lot!  My shoes lasted the first day but I wish I had brought different shoes for the second day.  I got a big blister even though I have worn my supergas 100 times already.

3. Go all out! This is the time to wear something crazy or super fun.  Anything goes.  I wish I had been a little more out there with my looks.  Just wait for 2020!

4. Come early! I wish I had come Thursday to get more time in to get pics in the desert.  I only got in a few pics in the desert.  Here is my favorite one:

But at least I made it to In-N-Out!

5. Get tickets to Coachella (if you love the line-up)! I am really just but hurt I didn’t get to see Ari.  Don’t worry she is coming to Minneapolis this summer and you best believe I will be there!  If you are planning to go to Coachella I would also do an outfit change between the two or at least switch out your shoes!

7 Festival Looks for Every Style

Hope to see you babes at #RevolveFestival next year!  If you wear one of these looks to a festival tag me @classycleanchic so I can see how cute you are!

xoxo E

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