5 Steps to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Tis’ the season for temptations, eating out and a lot of sweets! I know it can be hard to sticky with eating healthy during the holidays so I created a list of my 5 steps I use to stay healthy during the holidays. Click more to read!

5 Steps to Stay Healthy During the Holidays | Style blogger Emerson Hannon of Classycleanchic shares 5 Steps to Stay Healthy During the Holidays
  1. Eat healthy when you have the option. When there is a salad, I fill up on that first. Then I am fuller and have less room for the sweets and carbs.
  2. Be prepared. I try to pack a healthy lunch for work do it! When someone is bringing donuts Friday, I bring my own healthy snack to enjoy & still feel like part of the fun.
  3. Drink water. I am not very good at determining if I am hungry or thirsty so I make sure to force fluids throughout the day.
  4. Limit alcohol intake. I know when I used to drink (blog post on why I quit here & here) I would snack wayyy more when I had a few too many cocktails.
  5. Focus on conversations vs. food. I actually used this when I stopped drinking but it works great for eating. Instead of focusing on all the snacks and treats I find an engaging conversation to have!

This is what has worked for me, but in the end it’s ok to enjoy yourself and indulge throughout the holidays! I know they will still be selling lettuce 🥬 in January lol.

Would love to hear any tips that have worked for you in the comments! I will also answer any questions you have there too! 💕

xoxo E

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