Side Gig To Six Figs – Influencer Training Course

Trying to grow your influence & don’t know where to start? I sat down & answered some of your most popular questions. I’m giving you my tips, secrets & strategies on how I was able to leave my full-time job as an engineer & make a living to sharing my life online.

what you’ll learn:

Part 01: Finding Your Niche
Part 02: Choosing the Right Account
Part 03: Setting Up Your Bio
Part 04: Get the Most out of Your Posts
Part 05: Looking at your Analytics
Part 06: Grow Your Instagram
Part 07: How to Use Stories Effectively
Part 08: How to Use Monetize Content

Side Gig to Six Figs

We’re talking about how to start your journey to becoming a social media influencer – how to optimize your account, what to post & how to engage & finally, how to monetize your account.