Five Fall Fashion Favorites!

The PSLs have been out for over a month now and I rounded up my top five essentials for fall going into the holiday season!  Some of them you might of guessed…. cough cough *leopard print* but a few others will surprise you!

First up… leopard print! I am seriously loving this print for fall, give me all of ze blacks and browns!  Leopard print is perfect for fall because you can match it with denim, black leather brown suede!, or even red like I did here!  Picked up these Earth booties for fall.  They are sooo comfy because of the memory foam footbed cushions inside each shoe.  Basically tempurpedic for your foot!  Another cool thing about this brand is every time a pair of shoes is purchased they plant a tree!  You can kill two birds with one stone, get new cutie shoes + you can give back!

Second, during the upcoming months there will be lots of treats and candies oh and we are expected to wear small tiny dresses for holiday parties & new years.  Don’t worry you can still have the sugar anddd I have you covered with this bodyshaper from Maidenform!  Sucks you in at all the right places like a glove and is the perfect secret accessory for any event you have this fall.  Bonus it also keeps you warmed in these cold months! Again two birds… one stone.  Shot of me below wearing the Maidenform with a perfect holiday dress option!

Another thing that comes with the cold winters is dry skin, face and eyes!  This brings me to number 3 & 4.

NUMBA THREE, is Aveo’s daily contact lenses which keep my eyes from drying out in the winter.  I love that I get a new fresh pair each day!  Not to mention how cutie is the packaging?

You can also get an affordable monthly subscription service which is less than one dolla per day! YASSS!  To get started just use your phone to order using your existing prescription.

FOUR, Tula’s new acne clearing kit complete with Aqua Infusion Oil-Free Gel Cream which has been keeping my skin supa soft.  I know it can be tricky with so many products to choose what do they even mean!?  Or what are they used for.  I love this kit because its simple, keeps my face clear, soft & doesn’t dry me out (I am not going to use that m word!).  Get your kit today and use code classy20 to get twenty percent off!

Last (FIVE) but not least are these cozy sherpa jackets! This one here is so cuddly!

I love how you can style them with a great pair of leggings or your favorite distressed denim!  Functional & it keeps you warm.  I am sensing a trend here…basically I want to make sure I am warm for the MN winters this year!

These are my favorites but I would love to hear what trends are you loving for fall and this holiday season!?!

xoxo E

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