How I Bought My Chloe for Less with eBay!

Would you rather pay full price or 30% off?!  The answer seems trivial, I always want a SALE.  That is why I bought my first chloe bag on eBay. Here are 8 easy steps to help you get your own designer bag for less!

1. Select the designer brand of purse you are looking for & do some research! Shop online and find the purse you want from a retail store like Nordstrom. Here is mine. Another great thing about picking a bag that is new is the fraudsters are slow to copy/duplicate, distribute and sale their fakes. So if your bag still online your probably safe!

2. Look for your purse on eBay & select a 5-10 to watch and review.

3. Review the sellers… think like Nancy Drew! Look at their history, have they sold a lot of the exact same bag in the past? What are they selling now? How are their reviews? Where is the bag coming from?! Hong Kong, China, Taiwan… maybe proceed with caution. While bags are made there lots of dupes come from there as well!

4. Check for authenticity guarantee with seller. I got an authentication card with my Chloe!

5. Look at the pricing of a new bag & try for at least a 30% discount. That’s what I got!

6. Review for any defects & the condition of the bag. Mine had none 💕

7. Pick a bag that has actual pictures vs. stock photos. That way you know what your bag actually looks like!

8. Email the seller & ask a few questions about the bag to get a feel for the seller. And then comes the fun part. Negotiate a lower price!

Comment any questions on how to buy and let me know what purse you get!

xoxo E

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