self tanner do’s + don’ts

If you know me, I don’t go anywhere pale -not even vacation! One of my most-asked questions is about my self tan routine so I figured I’d put together this blog with all my tips and tricks, my fave products and how I make it last! I compiled all of your questions & answered them all here so keep reading to learn my secrets & click on any image to shop my fave products!

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tips to get a perfect tan with tanologist extra dark mousse:

rub it in using a circular motion

use a makeup brush to apply self-tanner to your hands, face, feet & neck

put on an oversized t-shirt while your tanner dries, it usually takes 20 minutes

use a wet wipe to clean the tanner off of your cuticles, hands and nails


what do you use?

I use the tanologist one hour express extra dark! I apply twice a week with a tanning mitt & brush for hands, feet, neck & face. Most girlies will exfoliate and have a whole routine before but I honestly just lather that sh** right on top of what I had before. lol.

I love that you can see where the tan is being applied, and it gives you a little extra bronze while it develops (one hour+).

I also use the tan-luxe body butter as a great gradual tanner. This isn’t as intense at the tanning drops so you can use it as a beginner to build up to the tan that you want. I use this more in the summer when I have a real tan.

will it make my hands, feet & ankles super dark and crazy looking?

nope! wash your hands after with a face wipe so you just get the front and your nails. Using a brush to put tanner on my hands and feet has been a game changer!

how do you get no lines from the outside to the inside of your hand and wrist?

I use a brush to apply it to my feet, hands, neck & face! It helps get in all the crevices and applies evenly.

what do you do on your face?

Are use the same extra dark express all over my face with a brush! I’ve been experimenting using a makeup brush to get the contouring look. More to come!

do you put lotion on your feet first? this is my biggest problem area.

I usually do my body first, but that’s personal preference. Just use a brush when you apply to your feet to help make sure it goes on evenly!

how long does your tan last?

I don’t like to let my tan fade so I will re-apply twice a week to my body and about 4 times a week to my face.

how do you take it off?

exfoliate and scrub in the shower! Tanologist also has a tan remover that I will sometimes use in a pinch.

do you sleep in it?

I do! I honestly leave it on until my next shower so I get the full tan. Once the mousse is dry, it doesn’t transfer onto my clothes.

do you exfoliate each time you apply?

nope. I never exfoliate unless I’m trying to get rid of my tan for laser hair removal.

it is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin?

yep and tanologist is vegan + cruelty free!

can you swim in your self tan?

yes but chlorine does remove some of the self tanner! I’ll usually put it on before I go lay out (with sunscreen, of course)!

how does it fade?

It fades as your skin naturally falls off (so kind of in little circles). I normally either just keep reapplying or I’m in the process of getting a natural tan so I don’t notice.

does it have that self tanner smell?

imo no!! Alex actually loves the smell. One night I put it on and got in bed and he said always that a new perfume you smell nice

does it come off when you sweat or do an intense workout?

As long as it’s fully dry, I don’t notice it transferring when I workout. But if I sweat in the middle of the night when I’m sleeping, it will come off on the sheets. but honestly, I’ve never found a self tanner that doesn’t get on the sheets.

does it get on your clothes, sheets? what about whites & light colors?

As long as you make sure, it’s fully dry it doesn’t transfer! tanologist also has clear moose, which doesn’t transfer it all! I just like to see where I’m applying & it’s the darkest.

how long do you wait between reapplying?

I usually re-apply twice a week to my body & 4 times a week to my face, but that is because I don’t like letting it fade.

does it streak?

nope! just wash your hands really well after you apply it.

how does it work with laser hair removal?

I try to remove as much of my tan before I go in, it just takes longer if you are tanner.

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