Tape-In vs. Clip-In Extensions

As a blonde (ish) I have always struggled to keep my hair long.  To make matters worse, in high school my mom suggested “let’s just dye your hair from a box”… $20 and an hour later my hair was ORANGE!!  Oh, P.S. homecoming was that next weekend, so you best believe I was in the salon getting that ish fixed!  Then came the incredible shirking hair!  Not to worry I have found the perfect fix… hair extensions!  Click to read more + see how I get my bombshell waves with a full tutorial!

After years of trying to get my hair to grow; special pills, shampoos and 100 brushes every night, I turned to clip-in extensions. Yes, I liked them and used them often in college and after. But just recently I decided to splurge and try tape-ins with my girl Karen!  WOW! What a fabulous difference. Karen and I are working together to get my natural hair as long as possible by using my tape-ins! Yes you heard that right.

Let’s start with the basicsClip-in extensions are like they sound, a small clip with hair sewn to it, basically you clip the long hair pieces into your own hair.  My clip-in hair pieces had one or three clips (all attached to a long line of hair).

Tape-in extensions are basically the same but they are a 2 inch strip with hair attached and some glue.  Karen took two strips and sandwiched some of my hairs to create a bond.  She used 12 tape-in strips for my GORGEOUS look.

Ok now, 10 reasons why I love tape-ins! 

1. Comfort!  I know you probably think I am crazy, but I think tape-in extensions are soooo much MORE comfortable then clip-ins.  And to be honest I don’t even notice they are in!  I have zero problems sleeping with them.  I just put my hair in a high pony to sleep.  No one even notices… not even Ryan, even after two weeks (he seriously had no idea lol).

2. Easier Styling! It’s actually easier to style my hair with tape-ins because it works just like my natural hair.  With clip-ins I would have to find a way to hold them up while I curled them or be in pain curling them when they are in!

3. Save Time With Styling!  Not only do I save the time of putting my clip-ins in and then out and then back in, but my hair curls faster now…even with more hair!  This is because the tape-in hair holds a curl & straightener WAY better than my natural hair.  Which is saying a lot because my hair listens pretty well!

4. Less Styling Time Required!  Not only do you save time when you style your hair, but it actually stays longer!  My curls hold for multiple days!  I don’t know what I am going to do with all of this EXTRA time.  Here is how I do my hair:

5. Color Options! The color Karen picked for me matches my hair so well.  I have gotten so many comments about how people can’t tell I have them in.  A few people at work did however notice my hair grew 10 inches overnight lol. Karen cut and colored my hair (mention me & get 15% off on any service!) before the tape-in apt. to make sure the hair matched mine perfectly!  The tape-in hair Karen used is Bohyme Hair  with a mix of Hazelnut/Ash Blonde Frost (14/24) and Ombre Chestnut/Ash Platinum (T6/22).

6. Hair Quality! The hair feels SERIOUSLY amazing.  As if playing with my hair wasn’t already a problem… Thanks Karen! lol.

7. Less Shower Time!  I used to shower every other day and then have my hair up on the third day.  With my tape-ins I can have my hair down for four days without showering!

8. Easy High Pony!  So much easier to do my fav Ariana Grande high pony style with tape-is.  For clip-is I would have to rearrange the clips and now all I have to do is pull it up!

Here is me loving my new Ariana Grande high pony!

9. Confidence Boost!  My hair is always on point and I never have a bad hair day!  Gives me that extra push when I am having a tough day.  I look in the mirror and think, hey I have mermaid hair!

10. Longer and Thicker Hair!  I mean this is the main reason why I got them and I almost forgot to add this one because I was so excited about all of the other perks!

So what are you waiting for?!  Call up my girl Karen for a FREE hair tape-in consultation.  Let Karen know I sent you and get 15% off any service!  Yes that means cut, color or extension application!

xoxo E

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  1. What tape in extensions does she use ? I’m Hairstylist wouldn’t mind offering this service to my clients.

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