Weekly Roundup + Weekend Sales

Happy Weekend! I am traveling to Colorado for the holiday to see my family and then heading to California to see Ryan’s family. I am excited for all of that and stay tuned on my Instagram stories for all of the adventures! Koda will also be along for the ride. I can’t wait for Thursday and the feast we will be enjoying. I pulled together all of your top items purchased last week along with the top LTK images. A lot of stores are doing Pre Black Friday sales and I have rounded up a bunch of them for you so be sure to take a look! Let me know in the comments what food you are looking forward to eating the most!

Weekend Sales | Style blogger Emerson Hannon of Classycleanchic shares Weekly Roundup + Weekend Sales
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Weekend Sales, Weekly Round-up and Exclusive LTK Day Deals!


Recap on everything I wore this week, what were the hot sellas and what is on sale this weekend! Click to see whats trending!

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