30+ Unique DIY Halloween Costumes

It’s one of my favorite times of year again… HALLOWEEN! I have always loved to dress up. It was one of my favorite things to do in college… now that I don’t have any parties to go to I am dressing up in my apt and sharing my favorite costumes with you! To see some of my costumes from the past click here to see last years blog post. This year I am doing costumes for groups, solos, pets, and couples! I will be updating this post as more of my Halloween items come in! I can’t wait to take pics in each of my costumes. Click read more to see what I came up with last year also!


Fred, Daphne & Scooby Doo: The perfect costume for the crew!

Cosmo, Wanda & Timmy Turner: If fun hair is your thing, this one is for you! Plus, it’s so easy and so cute!

Willy Wonka & Violet Beauregarde: How cute would your pup look in this oompa loompa costume?! I mean, come on!!

Buzz Lightyear, Woody & Jessie: Bring back all the childhood nostalgia with this trio – add all your friends & bring the whole gang to life!

Mario, Luigi & Princess Peach: Because we’re all princesses & who doesn’t love a guy with facial hair?!

Boo, Sully, and Mike Wazowski : Bring the whole family together and dress up as the scare team!

Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker : May the force be with you! Don’t forget to add the cutest baby yoda

Pikachu & Ash : Gotta catch em all! add squirtle to make the perfect trio!


Lola Bunny : The perfect costume to match with your pup, add Bugs too!

Shrek & Donkey: Get out of my swamp! Bring all your friends because this dymanic duo can become a group costume really quick!

Elle Woods and Bruiser: What? Like it’s hard? This costume is perfect for you & your pup!

Cruella De Vil & Dalmatian : If red is your color, this costume is for you! Don’t forget to grab your pup!

Daphne and Scooby Doo : the perfect duo to solve any crime! add more friends to complete the whole scooby crew!

6 Unique DIY Halloween Costumes | Style blogger Emerson Hannon of Classycleanchic shares 6 Unique DIY Halloween Costumes


Carrie: for all my spooky friends, this costume is super fun & super easy – as long as you don’t mind a little mess! 😉

Jenna Rink from 13 Going on 30 : The best throwback costume! The most fun costume for all my single girls but if you’re looking for a couples costume, there’s always room for Mark Ruffalo 😉

Shego : The perfect gift for a badass babe! But, if you’re going out with a group, add Kim, Ron & Dr. Drakken!

barbie : the perfect costume for all those girly girls! “Hi Barbie”

harley quinn : perfect costume for the girl who loves to rebel

princess ariel : the gen z’s version of ariel

Maddy Perez from Euphoria : Get out your glitter makeup, sequins, and neon lights! There are lots of characters from the show Euphoria for you and your gang!

Bratz Doll : Move out of the way Barbie! You and your girls can all dress as different Bratz dolls!

Kim Possible: add Ron and the naked mole rate for more friends!

Charlies Angels: The perfect costume for you and your girl gang!


UPS Delivery Pup: This costume is too cute & hilarious to pass up!

dalmatian : an easy adorable costume for your pup!

Harry Pawter : if you have a smart, tricky pup this harry potter costume is the perfect one!

What was your favorite costume?! Let me know in the comments. If you do any of these ideas I would love to see… tag me @classycleanchic!

xoxo E

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