8 Steps to Travel Internationally Like a Pro

Touched down in Amsterdam, checked into our hotel, showered and trying not to fall asleep (just have to make it to 8 pm! lol).  We head to Paris later this week and I can’t wait to take you along!  To kick off the week I am sharing 8 steps to travel internationally like a pro and a sneak peak at what I am wearing this week.  Click to read more!  Also ICYMI I shared How to Pack in a Carry-on for a Two Week Trip last year.

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Travel Guide: What To See in Amsterdam

What to See in Amsterdam | Style blogger Emerson Hannon of Classycleanchic shares Travel Guide: What To See in Amsterdam

With all this travel… finally getting around to recapping all of my trips. First up is Amsterdam! What I wore, where we ate and what we did. ICYMI 8 Steps to Travel Internationally Like a Pro.

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Las Vegas Travel Guide

Do you have a trip to Vegas anytime soon?!  Save the post because I have everything you need for your trip!  What to wear out, to the pool and during the day, where to eat/drink, what shows to see and where to stay!  Click to read more + so outfits that haven’t hit the gram.

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Last Minute Christmas Decor and Family Room Update!

Ryan & I moved into a new apt in October and we are finally finished with one of the rooms…our family room!  I wanted to give you babes a little update + today is the last day to order in for Christmas at Targeee Boutique! or in other words Target.  Click to see more pictures of our new family room and easy ways to spruce up your holiday decor for the family!  Spoiler Target is having a HUGE home decor sale, 50% off trees, 30% off weaths & garlands, holiday lights, and holiday decor!

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Have a Stress Free Vacation with MLJ Vacay

Family x-mas jammies are on sale for 40% off today!

I love to travel, but don’t always have the time to do a bunch of research before (working full time and blogging) and find the best places to eat and see!  I always get fomo when I get home to see a instagram snap of something AWESOME where I just was but missed it!  I didn’t have to worry about that on our trip to Austin, TX because MLJ Vacay researched and planned the entire thing!  & guess what the entire trip was Mr. Hannon approved…let me tell you that is pretty tough!  Read on to hear about the process, our experience + all of my looks from the trip (P.S. some of them have never been seen!).

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Sleeping Better with Leesa’s Newest Mattress

Ryan & I just moved into a new apt, got a new king bed and have been in search for a mattress that lets us get a better sleep.  Tried out a couple and our favorite was the new & improved Leesa Sleep mattress!  Got you babes $160 off your Leesa mattress when you use code classycleanchic!  Here are the top 4 reasons why we love our new mattress!

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How To Take an Insta-Worthy Tripod Pic

dress use code classycleanchic for 15% off

Would you have guessed this picture was taken on a tripod?  More than half of my pictures are taken by yours truly via my trusty tripod.  I originally started taking pics with Amanda (that’s her name) because I lived alone, didn’t have anyone to take a picture (Ryan hadn’t appeared yet!)…nor did I want anyone to take one of me!  I had no idea how to pose.  In walks Amanda the tripod and the rest is history!  Now for how to get the insta-worthy shot in 5 easy steps!

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Minneapolis Brunch Spots & Insta-Worthy Captions

One of my favorite activities (even since I stopped drinking) has always been getting dressed up for brunch, getting some delish food with friends & taking a perfect picture for insta (hello lighting!).  I have rounded up my 8 fav insta-worthy brunch spots in Minneapolis + 22 of my favorite insta-worthy brunch captions! Continue reading “Minneapolis Brunch Spots & Insta-Worthy Captions”

David’s Bridal: Brunch to Ballgowns

I had always thought David’s Bridal was just for bridal gowns, and bridesmaids dresses, but then when I went with my girlie Lauren, to the opening of David’s Bridal in Minneapolis I realized there was so much more!

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How to Plan a Jammin’ Bachelorette Weekend!

What better way to recap my amazing Bachlorette weekend in Palm Springs then to give you all my top 10 tips to plan a successful bach party?!  Hope you are all ready to PARRRRTAYYYYY! Continue reading “How to Plan a Jammin’ Bachelorette Weekend!”