Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: All You Need To Know!

My favorite sale of the year is FINALLY here! I will be sharing all of the MUST KNOW information so you are are prepared for shopping. I am so excited for this sale. It is the perfect time to get so many great fall and winter staples. I do a TON of prep work and preview everything in the sale for you guys. This helps to make it easier for you to shop and find the best deals. I will be previewing early and getting some tryon content filmed so you will know what will be on your list before it is time to shop! Looking forward to another great NSALE with all of you! Down below I have the when, why and how questions all covered and at the bottom of the post I have everything that I currently have on my wish list! I also have so many items in my own closet that will be on sale. Be sure to check out all of the things I already love! I will be adding to this post until the sale gets over! Click here to be subscribed to my blog to get all the updates before everyone else.

*QUICK NOTE* I know this sale is covered by LOTS of bloggers. I want to thank each and every one of you for coming to me as your resource for this sale! I have been covering the sale for years now and I am so grateful that you trust me to help you. I feel like all of your personal shopping assistants! I spend so much of my time prepping and preparing for this sale. I get so excited to see all of you loving the things I find on sale. I want to send out so much love to you all for supporting me by liking and commenting on my photos, shopping through my links and sharing my posts with your friends and family. Every time you use my link to purchase things I make a small commission on that purchase, even if you buy other items then the one I linked. This is something that doesn’t cost any more for you and it supports me and my business immensely. It also helps me to see the types of content you are loving so I can share the most loved items! I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for liking/commenting on my posts, shopping through my links and sharing my content with the people you love because it helps me do what I love and call blogging my full time job! So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

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Italy Travel Guide

I put together all the details from my trip to Italy with Alex! We had the best time traveling around Florence, Rome & Amalfi. I put together some of my favorite looks, some of our best recommendations and a little itinerary!

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When I started my home renovation I initially planned to have a dedicated office and guest bedroom. Soon after starting the renovation we found the floor was uneven where the office was planned so we decided pivot and move around the layout and ultimately a home gym made more sense than an office. Here is the BIG reveal:

Gym equipment linked here!! I purchased the Club Combo Package w/ Free Weights!

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Last Month’s Favorites | May 2023

Tons of summer faves on my best-sellers list this month! Farm Rio summer dresses, some of my Italy outfits and some goodies from Free People! Click any image to shop my may best-sellers!

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Best of the Sephora Sale + Makeup Routine

If you are a big spender at Sephora and you have reached the Rouge membership tier you are one of the lucky ones who is already able to shop this sale. Rouge members get 20% off with code SAVENOW starting on 4/14. Don’t worry if you aren’t a Rouge member yet you still get to shop and save! VIB members get 15% off starting on 4/8 and Insider members get 10% off with code SAVENOW starting 14/18! This sale runs until 4/24. If you’re not already a sephora insider, sign up on their website so you can start saving on the 18th! They’re also doing 30% off the sephora collection until the 24th – no code needed!

I will share with you all of my makeup along with some awesome gifts on all budgets! Be sure to check out my 5 Minute Makeup Tutorial on Youtube!

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Best of Nashville Travel Guide

Can’t believe it took me 30 years to make it to Nashville. Thanks so much for your recommendations. I know lots of you are heading there soon. So of course I wanted to make a travel guide for you. Read more to see what I wore, where I stayed, what to eat and what not to eat.

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self tanner do’s + don’ts

If you know me, I don’t go anywhere pale -not even vacation! One of my most-asked questions is about my self tan routine so I figured I’d put together this blog with all my tips and tricks, my fave products and how I make it last! I compiled all of your questions & answered them all here so keep reading to learn my secrets & click on any image to shop my fave products!

Read more: self tanner do’s + don’ts

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Best of Turks and Caicos Travel Guide

I just got back from a holiday trip to turks & caicos with my family & alex! We ate, we drank (virgin for me!) & we soaked up all the sun so I wanted to make a travel guide for you to check out the next time you’re in need of a little getaway. Read more to see what I wore, where I stayed, what I ate, and a little bit about what we did!

Click on any of the images under all of these pictures to shop my vacay fits!

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game day looks

YAY sports, am I right? I put together some of my fave game day looks for everything from Sunday Night Football to a baseball game with the girls. Most of what I bought is available for every team and a lot of it is customizable!

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Best Cyberweek Sales!

I found some of my favorite cyberweek sales for you guys to take advantage of! Read more to see the 2022 master sale list! Be sure to check back throughout this week because I will be updating this post!

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