April Best Sellers!

This is always one of my favorite posts.  I love to see what you all are loving the most each month.  Read more to see the top 10 sellers for April!

10. Mirror | Best selfie mirror unda the sun | Unda $100

9. Lace dress | Comes in a bunch of colors and is perfect for any event.  Fits tts | $30.90

8. Maxi dress| Comes in a bunch of colors & a tie dye version I have too! | $23.80

7. Neverfull MM Dupe | I recently got the real deal but y’all have been loving the dupe I link.  I got the MM | $88.99 vs. $1,300

6. Swim Sarong | Comes in all the colors of the rainbow & comes in a short version.  My mom and grandma have one too!  | $16.99

5. Personalized Name Necklace | Ya’ll have been loving the personalized necklaces.  I have the gold and diamond one! |$61 but use come EMERSON15 for 15% off!

4. Louis Vuitton Dupe| The new fan favorite this year!  I can’t beleive how good this dupe is.  I ordered from this exact link and it has the LVs! | On sale for $74


3. Button Down Bodysuit | TTS and comes in a few colors|$16.99

2.Gucci Dupe Belt | forever on my top 10!  I got a size 110 and recently got the real deal in a size 80 |$22.98

1. Louis Vuitton Key Chain Wallet | Mine is from the LV store for $205 and I bring this thing everywhere!  Fits a tun of cards, money keys and a lipstick!  | On sale for $36 – using repurposed LV materials

What number was your favorite?!

If you are looking for any outfit details everything is posted in the Liketoknow.it app!

xoxo E

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