14 Dupes and Designer Deals on Amazon


Day after day Amazon continues to impress me with their dupes, designer fashion and deals!  Y’all have been loving everything from Amazon & their Gucci Dupe Belt was the Top Piece from 2018!  So I decided to do a try-on haul and round up my top 14 Amazon finds.  Read more to see my favorites.


Tops and dresses are all TTS wearing a S.  Sized down to a 110 and 105 for the belts.


1. Hooded Sherpa Pullover is what dreams are made of!  It is seriously so soft and amazing quality.  It is the same one you find in the boutiques but for half the price.  $24.99

2. You can also get pieces sold in department stores for less!  Like my cozy Designer Bow Uggs!  They come in 5 colors and ship free!  These are so comfortable you can just throw them on with any casual look! $99.90

3 and 4. Dupes so good y’all DM to ask if I have the dupe or real deal.  Small Leather Red Gucci and Gucci Belt are both dupes!  So we will have to settle with those until Ryan shows up on vday with my real GG lol.  $32.90 and $22.99


5. Saddle Chloe Purse was one of your (and my) favorite bags over the summer!  Great quality and mine still looks just like the day I opened it.  I also might be getting the white for spring. $28.99

6 an 7. The best kind of dupe is when you have had the real deal ($100 lovers&friends) and you can’t tell the difference.  Love the detailing of this Ripped Knit Pullover!  Paired perfectly with the Large Velvet Black Gucci for a fraction of the price!  $21.99 and $35.90

8. Garment Rack was one of my first amazon finds and I am IN LOVE!  Great quality, holds a lot and looks great doing it.  Comes in a brown and dark wood option plus options with just the shelves or just the rack.  starting at $41.99

9. Leopard Knit Cardi is a perfect work to weekend look.  Here is how I would style it both ways.  Comes in a few colors and makes an all black look pop!  $28.99

10 and 11. Checkered Wallet and LV Leather Belt are both such great dupes and almost pass for the real deal!  I love that you can fit your phone into the wallet.  Can’t wait to wear this belt more with white denim(see item 13).  $16.78 ad $15.98

12. Fleece Fuzzy Jacket is so cozy and you can jump on the newest trend without breaking the bank.  Supa soft and comes in a few colors.  $27.99

13. Impressed by this Sweater Dress and it has pockets!  That always gets me.  Comfy and not itchy in the slightest.  If you are over 5’4″ I would think about sizing up for the length.  $33.99

14. Off the Shoulder Sweater can be worn off the shoulder for the weekend or as a wide neck for work!  Easiest long-sleeve to throw on and I might need to get another color!  Also, one of the lowest priced finds!  $18.98

Like this post if you want me to do another round-up of Amazon finds.  And if those weren’t enough finds here are all of my current Amazon favorites (some I have and some I don’t):

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