What to Wear on the 4th of July for Every Occasion

I have always been a girl who LOVES to dress up && be festive!  This is why the fourth of July is one of my fav holidays.  What better way to get ready for America’s birthday (only 13 days!!) than to pick out what I am going to wear!  Here is how I celebrate for every find of red white && blue occasion.  

Back Yard BBQ 🍗

&& some more casual inspo:

Fancy Dinner Party 🎉

&& some other ideas for a fun American party!

Pool, Lake & Beach 🏝


Now let’s accessorize!!

I’m going to be in Scotland for the 4th so it will be a little different this year.  You BEST believe I will still be sportin’ AMERICA!  How are you spending the holiday?  Tell me your plans in the comments <3

xoxo E

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